What Is a Baby Sprinkle? How to Throw the Best One

Baby Sprinkle

So, you're expecting a second baby? Congrats! Building a family is hard work, and it should be celebrated. Second and subsequent pregnancies and babies can feel a bit different from your first child. For example, less fuss and muss is made with baby number 2. Just because this is your second trip around the baby block doesn't mean that you can't have a little baby-on-the-way party.

What Is a Baby Sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is a baby shower for a second or subsequent baby. While sprinkles share many common attributes with traditional baby showers, there are some stark differences between the two events. Sprinkles tend to be smaller, more low-key events. The purpose of a baby sprinkle is to make the expectant parent feel special but also to load them up with items that they may need for the new baby. Sprinkles are common if a parent's firstborn was a girl, but now they are having a boy or if many years have gone by between baby number one and baby number two. In these particular cases, it's easy to see how expectant parents might need new accessories and items.

While sprinkles are certainly a time to load up on infant necessities, they are also a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends before life gets really, really hectic.

Planning a Baby Sprinkle

Even though sprinkles are typically less ostentatious than baby showers for first babies, they still need to be carefully thought-out and planned. The party's host should note considerations including invitations, food and drink options, theme, guest lists, games, and activities.

Hosting Duties

Most baby showers are thrown by loved ones who want to give an expectant parent a party to celebrate this monumental milestone in life. Sprinkles, in comparison, can still be thrown by a close friend or family member wanting to celebrate this new pregnancy, but the expectant parent themselves can also throw them. Sometimes hosting duties even get split between several adults who want a say in how the party goes. Regarding hosting a sprinkle, keep the following in mind:

  • The wishes of the expectant parents - get their thoughts and wants for their party
  • If several people are hosting, know who is responsible for what party aspects
  • Make sure you are the contact person for all the guests - they should be able to easily contact you should they ever need a detail or have a question

Invitations and Time Frame

Everybody knows that for a first baby shower, invitations are a must. They are a must for sprinkles as well. Whether they be traditional cardstock invitations or e-vites, sending out invites allows you to give everyone invited the same key information that they will need. When plans get shared via word of mouth, dates and times get twisted, certain elements get disregarded, and much confusion can occur. To ensure that all attendees have the same details, send invitations containing the who, what, where, and when of the sprinkle.

Traditional baby showers normally last for several hours. There is mingling, gift opening, games to be played, and food to be eaten. Sprinkles, being more informal and low-key, don't have to last as long. You can even opt for an open house sprinkle, where guests pop in on a certain date, between certain hours to say hi, chat and leave a gift.

Baby Party Invitation

Feeding Your Guests

Shower or sprinkle, guests are going to want to eat. The menu items for a baby sprinkle can be less formal than those of a shower. While showers tend to have full-blown brunch or lunch menus and options, sprinkles might be more buffet style, bring a dish to pass style, or hors d'oeuvres style. Make sure you ask the guest of honor what she would like to see at her sprinkle. Are there any food restrictions or considerations that should be accounted for, or are there any dishes that the expectant parent definitely wants on the table?

Beverages are another responsibility of the host. There is no shortage of baby shower punches and mocktails out there, and a few of these might fit in perfectly with your sprinkle theme. For a sprinkle, it is also completely fine to stick to coffee, water, pop, and juice.

Pregnant woman putting cupcakes on a stand

Gift Giving

With traditional baby showers, gift-giving is a major component. Showers are where new parents score many of their big-ticket baby items. Sprinkles will still include gifts, but the gifts might be slightly different in nature. Chances are, the parents already have many baby items from their first little one. Because of this, sprinkle gifts are more practical in nature. Think diapers, wipes, lotions, shampoos, new outfits, and gender-based items if this new baby is a different gender than the first baby.

Baby showers often include a baby registry. A registry is used to help guests known exactly what the new parents need. Parents head to a store (or their computer) and flag items to be included on their gift registry. Guests can then pull the registry up and know exactly what the expectant parents want. Parents having a sprinkle can still fill out a registry. This will ensure that guests don't all buy the same thing or buy items that the parents already own. Generally speaking, sprinkle honorees should request necessary items and a few bigger items like a double stroller or a new or second car seat.

Games and Activities

Shower games are often included in a shower or a sprinkle to give guests something fun to do outside of eating and visiting. If your sprinkle is more traditional, you can steal a game or two from the typical baby shower game treasure chest. If the host and the parents-to-be have a more "been there done that" vibe regarding shower games, skip them and consider a different activity.

Make personalized onesies for the baby on board or have everyone band together to create the baby's first ABC book. If the new baby is a girl, craft up bows and headbands. Consider taking old shirts and blankets from the first baby and fashioning a baby blankie or quilt from the older material. Definitely get the expectant parents' thoughts on whatever games or activities you add to the day and keep your eye on the amount of time your activities will likely take up.

Common Themes

There are so many fun themes to play around with when throwing a baby sprinkle. Some favorites are:

  • Welcome to the Jungle- You know adding another baby into a family is a wild ride!
  • Sweet Treats - Use actual sprinkles in your decor and your dessert table. Make everything colorful and bright. Add other sweet elements into the day, like a sundae bar or a donut wall.
  • Showers and Flowers - Think florals, umbrellas, and raindrops.
  • Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star - This classic nursery rhyme is perfect for a baby sprinkle.

Children Welcome

Baby showers and sprinkles vary when it comes to inviting children to the party. This decision is best left to the person that the party is being thrown for. When thinking about adding kids to the guest list, you'll want first to consider the space and time. Is this sprinkle a daytime event at someone's house or a little evening get-together at a nice restaurant? If you say yes to kids, consider the fact that EVERYONE might bring their children. If many of the guests have kids, your sprinkle numbers could double really quickly.

Should you decide that kids are welcome to the sprinkle you are throwing, make sure that there are menu items and activities specific to them. While the adults are reminiscing about the baby days and opening gifts, the kids will need something to keep them busy.

Sprinkle Etiquette

If you are hosting or attending a sprinkle, keep these etiquette tips in mind.

Keep It Casual

You can still incorporate traditional elements of a baby shower, but with sprinkles, casual is better. In trying to keep things relaxed, choose a venue like a home or a park. Include theme decor, but there is no need to go bananas here. Have food and drink, but don't go as far as hiring a caterer and having menus printed out on fancy cardstock. Sprinkles should be thought of as mini-baby showers.

Provide Ample Time

A sprinkle might not take as much time to organize compared to a traditional baby shower, but that doesn't mean that you should put planning off until the last minute. Planning should occur at least two months in advance of the sprinkle. You might not need all of that time to pull elements together, but your guests all likely live busy lives. They will appreciate the advanced party notice.

Don't Forget the Siblings

While the mom and the bump are the stars of the show, make sure to spend a bit of time gushing over the older siblings of a new baby. Kids will want to feel included in their family's sprinkle. Parents who are being celebrated should consider getting a small gift for their existing child to make them feel special on this day as well.

Pregnant woman with friends at a baby party

Key Guests in on What a Sprinkle Is

Sprinkles are a relatively new concept, so older guests especially might not have a clue as to what this party even is! You will want to explain this in your invitation. The wording of a sprinkle invite should include a small statement about what a sprinkle is and the major elements of the event, like time, date, and place. These are great ideas for a sprinkle invitation wording.

  • Little hands and little feet, it's time to make our family complete. Join us in a small affair to celebrate our newest addition.
  • You're invited to sprinkle our new baby with a little love. Come and join us in round 2 as we expand our family.
  • Rattles, pacis, diapers galore. (Parent-to-be's name) is having one more! You are invited to celebrate the birth of another beautiful baby.
  • Girl or boy, nobody knows. Either way, our family grows! Please come and celebrate our baby-to-be.

Can You Have More Than One Sprinkle?

You sure can! If your mom's family wants to shower you with love and friends from work throw something small together, there is no reason to only agree to one sprinkle. Not all groups and circles in your life overlap, and if they all did, your sprinkle could become massive! If different groups of loved ones want to give you a special day, say yes.

All Babies Are Something to Celebrate

Whether it's your first, second or tenth baby, all babies are little miracles and need to be celebrated. A full-blown bash isn't always the way to go when you welcome subsequent additions, so baby sprinkles are the perfect answer to celebrating life without going all out again.

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