DIY Baby Shower Wreaths You'll Love

Crochet Baby Blanket Wreath with Bunnies

Baby shower decorations make parties look festive, personalized, and sometimes function for the new-parent-to-be after the shower. Original, homemade wreaths are the first piece of décor guests see and can be made to match any theme with a few alterations.

Crochet Baby Blanket Wreath

To start this wreath, you'll need to make a crochet baby blanket or get one from a crocheter. Use a solid color blanket or one with a built-in pattern and color scheme. A blanket with scalloped edges is ideal.


  • One baby-sized crochet blanket (approximately 36 by 40 inches)
  • One 12-inch metal wreath frame
  • Three small stuffed bunnies
  • Three safety pins
  • Crochet hook (optional)


  1. Lay the blanket out flat. Fold it in half lengthwise, matching up the edges.
  2. Fold the halved blanket in half again across the width, matching up the edges. You should now have a square shape with four layers.
  3. Lay the wreath frame in the center of the folded blanket.
  4. Create the starting layer using the innermost two rings of the frame, particularly the space between them. Choose a section to begin and place one hand on that section of the frame.
  5. Slide the other hand under the blanket to the same section of the frame chosen in Step 4.
  6. Use your fingers to push all layers of the blanket up through the space created by the two innermost rings of the frame. Use your top hand to pull the layers through. Pull about two inches of the blanket up through the wreath, making sure the innermost ring of the metal frame is covered. (If you cannot thread the blanket through the wreath with your hands, use a crochet hook to help.)
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have gone around the entire wreath.
  8. Lay the wreath back down flat, pulled fabric side facing up.
    Crochet Blanket Wreath Step 8
    Step 8
  9. Grab the top layer of the blanket that remains outside the frame, loop it over top of the outermost ring of the frame, then under the next ring and back up. Pull the edge of the blanket up about two inches through the frame.
  10. Repeat Step 9 around the entire wreath.
  11. Tuck any loose sections into the frame and check that all the frame is covered by the blanket.
  12. Thread a safety pin through the back of each stuffed bunny and attach it to the blanket.

There is no need to add a hanging hook. The blanket holds the wreath on any hook or nail.

Variations on the Traditional Wreath

Blanket Wreath Variation

Tailor this cozy wreath to your baby shower by incorporating useful items or the shower theme.

  • Replace the stuffed bunnies with other stuffed animals like elephants, giraffes and alligators for a jungle or zoo theme
  • Use cloth diaper pins to attach baby apparel accessories like socks and hats to the blanket.
  • Fill the wreath with baby care items. Sturdy items like a thermometer and brush can be stuck under one ring of the metal frame to stay in place. Unstructured goods like baby washcloths or cloth diapers can be tacked onto the wreath using safety pins or straight pins threaded through the back of the item and the blanket.
  • Hang sonogram pictures or baby pictures of the new mom and dad on the wreath using miniature clothespins.
  • Use a solid color blanket, like blue, paired with objects of the same color for a monochromatic look.
  • Tie individual letter ornaments around the wreath to spell baby's name.
  • Use a larger wreath frame with a larger blanket for a bigger wreath.
  • Give the wreath a ruffled look by using a larger blanket on the 12-inch frame.

Decorate With Love

A baby shower wreath welcomes guests and serves as a nursery decoration long after the party is over. Disassemble the wreath after the shower and use all the items featured. When baby outgrows the blanket and accessories, reassemble the wreath as a keepsake.

DIY Baby Shower Wreaths You'll Love