Creative Wording Examples for a Baby Shower Thank You Card

Michele Meleen
Woman holding a thank you card

Sending out creative thank you cards after a baby shower shows your guests how much you appreciate their love, support, and gifts. Unique, original phrases and wording help turn a standard gesture into a memorable note.

Nautical Theme Wording

If your nursery or shower theme involves boats or water of any kind, add a nautical note to your thanks. Include images of sailboats, nautical stars, or anchors to add style.

  • Take a bow and accept my stern thanks for sailing on this journey with me. With friends like you at the helm, our new baby is sure to head in the right direction.
  • Thanks for coming aboard my baby shower. With all hands on deck, we're prepared for voyage.
  • Thanks Ahoy! You don't need a message in a bottle to know how much I appreciate your gifts.
  • Like a compass and bright star, you're helping guide our baby's way. Thank you doesn't express my gratitude enough on this day.
  • Not all treasures are made from gold and jewels. My greatest treasure today is your gift and having friends like you.

Phrases for Animal Themes

Puns and plays on words using animal names or sounds make for cute card messages. Think outside the box and include bugs, insects, sea creatures, birds, and land animals in your wording. Consider animal nicknames you like for your little one and play off those terms as a unique way to let close friends and family in on an intimate detail of your little one's life.

Jungle Animals

I'm not lion when I say your kindnessssss is unbeelievable. Thanks for owl the presents, my deer friend.


Thanking you is im-paw-sible! But doggone it, I'm going to try! Your gift was fetching.

Teddy Bears

I can bearly find the words to ted you how much I appreciate the grrreat gifts!

Farm Animals

We are so moo-ved by your generosity, we could squeal! Thank ewe for everything.

Wording for a Character Theme

Use the characters from your chosen nursery theme as inspiration for an original thank you note. Think about common phrases they say, where they live, and other characters in the same movie or show to create a longer message.

  • Star Wars: Thank you, I must.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh: It was a pig-let down you couldn't stay longer, but eyeore gift was pooh-fect.
  • Sesame Street: Thank you ses-a-me! You removed a big bird-en by gifting us....
  • Mickey Mouse: T-H-A, N-K-Y, O-U my dear friend!

Royal Thank You

Give friends and family the royal treatment with a personalized message. Use red or purple and gold markers or pens to write your note and seal it wax and a stamp with your initials on it for a more official look.


I crown you Queen of Gifts thanks to your kindness and generosity.


My special knight couldn't have been better, and we have you for the than-king!

Cute General Sayings

If you're just looking for some unexpected alternatives to the standard thanks, these phrases capture the same feeling.

  • You're awesome because I'm in awe of something you've done. Your thoughtful gift and note are as awesome as you!
  • You shouldn't have - but I'm glad you did! My deepest appreciation goes out to you for the adorable (insert gift name).
  • You're the best - Best Friend, Best Gift Picker-Outer, Best Shower Game Participant - Best person I could hope to have support my family.
  • I might be full of pickles and ice cream, but I'm also full of thanks. I'm so thankful you could attend my shower and even more thankful for your generous gift.

Say It Like You Mean It

As part of your baby shower, it makes sense for thank you cards to match the event's theme. Look for cute or clever plays on words using terms related to your shower theme to make these appreciative notes stand out. Consider the gift you received from the person you are thanking and see if you can incorporate that into your message in an original way.

Creative Wording Examples for a Baby Shower Thank You Card