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What to Write on a Baby Shower Cake

Michele Meleen
Owl Cake

No baby shower is complete without some form of cake. From sentimental to serious, the baby shower cake inscription can pull the theme together and convey warm wishes for the parents-to-be.

Gender Reveal Shower

Many parents are choosing to leave the sex of their new baby as a surprise for their family and friends, only to reveal the gender at a shower that often includes both men and women. A sheet cake is the best option for this type of shower because it forces all the guests to learn the exciting news at the same time. You can have the bakery either hide a pink or blue colored cake under the frosting or a pink or blue filling inside the cake. A gender-neutral theme or boy and girl themes mixed work best for gender reveal showers. This type of cake opens up a whole new world of unique decorations. If a gender-reveal shower is in your plans, try one of these fun ideas:

  • Owl Theme: Who, Who Will Baby be, A He or a She?
  • Bee Theme: Baby Will No Doubt Be Sweeter Than Honey, A Boy or A Girl What Will Baby Bee? (bee theme)
  • Blue/Pink Theme: He or She? Cut the cake and see!

Gender Neutral Phrases

Circus Theme Cake

Although gender-reveal parties are gaining in popularity, the decision to keep baby's sex a secret until birth is a hot trend too. Animals, classic baby toys, and popular pregnancy phrases like 'a bun in the oven' work well for showers where the baby's gender is unknown.

If you are looking to inject a little personality into the cake wording, there are many fun options that work for boys and girls. Appropriate gender neutral sayings for baby shower cakes include:

  • Religious Theme: A Blessing From Above, Congratulations on Your New Little Love (religious theme)
  • Circus Theme: Welcome to the Circus Little Peanut!
  • Balloon Theme: Up, Up and Away! Best Wishes for the New Family
  • Pregnant Belly Theme: Somebody Get a Mop, (name of mother-to-be) Ready to Pop!

It's a Boy!

Precious Cargo Cake

Traditionally, blue has been the color associated with baby boys. Modern parents are looking for any way to have a unique experience, so baby shower themes for boys are all over the map. Whether you choose a new baby saying or come up with unique and creative ideas for baby shower cake lettering, there are tons of possibilities. Great baby shower cake messages for a boy include:

  • General Boy Theme: Oh Boy Oh Boy, He's Our New Greatest Joy!
  • Royal Theme: Hear ye Hear ye, Welcome the Little Prince (royal theme)
  • Plane, Train, or Truck Theme: (Name of mother-to-be) Carrying Precious Cargo
  • Sports Theme: Future All-Star in the Making
  • Nautical Theme: Ships Ahoy, It's A Boy!

It's a Girl!

Ladybug Cake

While pink is a popular color for baby girls, parents today are looking for different themes to inspire a baby shower for a girl. Here are some fun ideas to get you started when you're searching for the perfect baby shower cake message for a girl:

  • Girl Theme: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, That's What (baby's first name) Is Made Of
  • Garden Theme: Awaiting the Most Beautiful Bloom, Your Little Flower Will Be Here Soon
  • Royal/Princess Theme: A Royal Welcome for the Little Princess (royal theme)
  • Ladybug Theme: Welcome Little Ladybug, From Each of us A Kiss and Hug
  • Ballerina Theme: Give A Twirl For Our Precious Little Girl

Messages for Multiples

At first, it may seem difficult to come up with phrases for a multiples baby shower, but with a little creativity, you will surely create a truly unique cake. Whether the new parents are expecting twins, triplets, quadruplets (or more!), it won't be hard for you to find the perfect saying. Popular phrases that include numbers already can easily be used for the cake.

Adoption Cake
  • Religious Theme (for twins): Multiply the Love, We're Expecting Two Blessings from Above!
  • Triplets Theme: Three Times the Charm for the New Dad and Mom
  • Noah's Ark Theme (quads): Two by Two Quadruplets are Sailing Through
  • Pregnant Belly Theme (quads): It May Not Be A Baker's Dozen, But Jamie's Got Four Buns in the Oven!

Adoption Shower

The whole point of a baby shower is to help a family welcome their new baby and offer gifts which can help with the expensive job of being a parent. Adoption showers are a unique experience, but stay true to the underlying message of a shower. A traditional sheet cake or a tiered cake can help celebrate the occasion. There are many fun ways to express your joy for the new family in an adoptive baby shower cake:

  • Adoption Cake
    Puzzle Theme: Our Family is Now Complete, We Found Our Missing Piece
  • Tree or Garden Theme: The Seeds of Love Have Grown Our Family Tree
  • Global Theme: Even From Across the World, We Always Knew You Were Our Little Girl
  • Sea Theme: An Ocean of Water Couldn't Keep Us Apart, Our Little Boy Has Always Held A Place in Our Hearts

Funny Cake Messages

Cake of a pregnant belly with a foot sticking out

Funny baby shower cake sayings lighten the mood of any party and encourage guests to have fun. Choose a unique or silly cake shape to enhance the message such as an oven-shaped cake with a cupcake bun inside. Funny baby shower cake messages aren't for everyone, so make sure the mom-to-be is okay with the humorous route before you order the cake.

  • Zoo Theme: May Your New Family Zoo Not Be Forever Smelling of Poo!
  • Push Theme: All It Takes Is One Big Push Then Life Revolves Around A Tiny Tush!
  • Pregnant Belly Theme: I'm Ready For My Great Escape. Quick, Somebody Cut This Cake!

Sending a Loving Message

No matter the theme, color scheme, or type of shower, the words on a baby shower cake should express love in a way the new parents will appreciate. There are no hard and fast rules about what to say on this type of cake. Get creative, keep it short and sweet, and give the new family a celebration they'll never forget.

What to Write on a Baby Shower Cake