13 Hilarious Photos of Babies Wearing Their Food

What a MESS!


When you're an adult, the idea of wearing your food is mortifying. When you're a baby? Potentially hilarious. While handing your baby a bowl of spaghetti on any given day may not exactly be prime entertainment (you do have to clean it up, after all), pictures of other people's kids covered in food have the potential to elicit giggles.

Little Boy Blue


"The Smurf…I took care of him! Now, bring me another…or else!" While trying to keep up with the adorable tyrant's demands, you're secretly wondering how long that blue stuff's going to stain his skin.

Spaghetti: 1, Mom: 0


"Look at my hat mom! Gramma said it tastes better if you wear it." When it's baby vs. spaghetti, there's no way of knowing who will win. (Hint: it won't be you or that full package of baby wipes).

Face Plant


"RAAAAAAAAAWR! Must. Get. Every. Bite. NOW." On a hot day, there's nothing better than face-planting on a huge slice of watermelon.

Don't Even Think About It


"Come at me, bro." This baby's not messing around with his cake. Nor should he. Admit it, you wear the same expression when you sit down to a big plate of dessert.

No Chocolate Bar Too Big (or Melted)


All the words are wrapped up in that expression. There's no chocolate bar too big. Just make sure you send them to grandma's after that little snack.

Sneaky Baby Has a Skin Care Tip


"If I camouflage myself with this green junk, no one will ever notice when I grab that cookie off the counter over there. I'm so sneaky!"

Messy With Manners


Two smash cakes? We're just impressed that it doesn't seem to have escalated into a food fight.



"Whaddya mean, this is the only time I'll get to do this? This is an outrage!"



"It's not what it looks like, I swear."

When You Don't Have All the Answers


"Moooom, I got spaghetti sauce on my favorite onesie!" Future neat-freak? Just realized they forgot her meatballs? Hates a bath and just realized she needs one now? We may never know.

The Elves Did It


"And these little elves came in through the kitchen door while your back was turned! Yeah, then they smeared my lunch all over the table and threw the bowl on the floor, see! And then…and then, they just marched right out! Can you believe it?"

Mealtimes and Science Experiments


"You keep your green mush to yourself, lady! No more, no more! Animal crackers for me, stat!" Let's just call avocado and toast a sensory experience rather than lunch.

Whether it's a meal or a borderline science experiment that just happens to involve food, messy, funny babies and their accompanying expressions never fail to brighten the day.

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13 Hilarious Photos of Babies Wearing Their Food