Baby Girl Crib Accessories

Susie McGee
baby in crib looking at mobile

Baby girl crib accessories can turn a plain baby bed into a luxurious place for baby to slumber. Whether you make your own accessories or purchase them in a brick and mortar store or online, the accessories you choose will enhance your child's bedroom in a variety of ways. In addition, many baby accessories can serve as entertainment for little ones.

Types of Baby Girl Crib Accessories

The accessories you choose for your baby girl's crib can range from crib sets to pull-down toys. The list of crib accessories can be quite long, but the following items are simple to find and popular choices among today's parents.

Crib Sets

Most crib bedding sets include a sheet and comforter, and many also feature a bed skirt and bumper pads. It's important to note that if you do purchase a crib set with bumper pads, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends removing the pads when baby begins to stand so she can't use them as a step that will help her climb out of the crib. In addition, some child safety advocates caution against using bumper pads with infants as they could pose a suffocation risk. When choosing a crib set, keep in mind that some sets are actually designed to grow with baby as she moves from her baby bed to a toddler bed. Many parents design their nursery around the crib set they purchase, so consider using the crib set you select as a starting point for painting nursery walls and choosing nursery furniture and accessories.


Mobiles-Probably the most common crib accessory is the baby mobile. Mobiles have been used for generations, and today's mobiles are quite high-tech. For example, many mobiles are designed to attach to the crib slats and hang over the center of baby's bed. These mobiles are typically battery powered and feature lights and sounds. Newer models may come with a remote, so that parents can turn the mobile on and off without approaching baby's bed. Tiny Love Tiny Princess mobiles are a good choice for baby girl crib accessories. You can find these at Amazon.

Musical toys-Another popular toy found in many nurseries today is the musical crib toy. These toys typically attach to the railing of baby's bed. The toys often feature a pull-down piece that vibrates and starts a melody when pulled. Baby Einstein offers several crib toys that will entertain and stimulate your baby girl's senses. The popular Baby Einstein Neptune Soother features real life ocean scenes combined with lights and soothing sounds. Look for this item at Amazon.

Crib gyms-For older babies, crib gyms offer baby a chance to have some fun while she lies in her bed. These gyms often feature mirrors and other fun activities. Fisher Price makes an adorable pink activity center with straps for attaching to the crib and handles for carrying along on outings. In addition, the Little Tikes Peekin' Pals Crib Toy is soft, plush, and perfect for curious little hands to explore. Animal characters pop out of the top to play peek-a-boo with baby, and the toy also includes a mirror and pull rings. Find both of these items at Amazon.

Crib Accessories Safety

Finally, keep in mind that the crib accessories you place in your child's crib should not pose a safety hazard. Hanging toys should be kept out of your child's reach. Straps should be secured, and strings or ropes should be removed. Create a safe haven for your baby that encourages her to look forward to a happy slumber.

Baby Girl Crib Accessories