Cute Witchy Girl Names

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Witchy girl names can be cute and powerful at the same time. Whether you want a mystical name, a magical girl name, a pagan name, a Wiccan name, a good witch name, a bad witch name, or the name of an actual witch, you can find tons of cute options.

Words That Mean Witch to Use As Girl Names

Check out how to say "witch" in different languages to find unique witchy names for girls. You can also explore synonyms for "witch" in different languages for more options.

  • Bruha (Filipino)
  • Bruixa (Catalan)
  • Cadi (Turkish)
  • Hexe (German)
  • Magissa (Greek)
  • Noita (Finnish)
  • Sahira (Arabic)
  • Sorciere (French)
  • Sorgina (Basque)
  • Strega (Italian)
  • Vedma (Russian)
  • Witika (Hawaiian)
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Girl Names That Mean Magic or Spell

If the meaning of the name is important to you, choose a girl name that means "magic" or "spell."

  • Afsoun (Persian) - charm/spell
  • Fusun (Turkish) - charm
  • Mohana (Hinduism) - bewitching
  • Naenia (Latin) - incantation
  • Ruqayyah (Arabic) - spell/charm
  • Taika (Finnish) - magic/spell
  • Zoraida (Spanish) - enchanting

Names of Real Life Witches

You could also get inspired by real women accused of being witches in history.

  • Agnes (Sampson) - Scottish healer accused of witchcraft who was killed
  • Alse (Young) - first American executed for witchcraft
  • Bridget (Bishop) - first accused witch put to death in Salem
  • Endor - name of the Biblical town where the witch King Saul summoned was from
  • Grace (Sherwood) - famous accused witch in Virgina
  • Malin (Matsdotter) - one of the last accused witches killed in Swedish witch hunt
  • Merga (Bien) - famous German accused witch
  • Sarah (Good and Osborn) - first accused witches in Salem
  • Tituba - enslaved woman who admitted to being a witch in Salem
  • Ursula (Southeil) - English prophetess better known as Mother Shipton

Fantastic Fictional Witch Names

You can find all kinds of witch names in books, movies, TV shows, and video games. If you like these types of names associated with a fictional world, you might also like fierce girl superhero names, cute mythology names, or even powerful girl villain names.

  • Beryl - queen from Sailor Moon
  • Cassie - from The Secret Circle
  • Circe - from DC comics
  • Koume - from The Legend of Zelda franchise
  • Fiji - quirky witch from Midnight, Texas
  • Glinda - good witch from The Wizard of Oz
  • Hermione - from Harry Potter franchise
  • Jadis - the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Marina - from The Magicians
  • Marnie - leader of a coven in True Blood
  • Melisandre - from Game of Thrones
  • Mildred - from The Worst Witch
  • Prue - from Charmed
  • Sabrina - from Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  • Samantha - from Bewitched
  • Triss - from The Witcher
  • Vivienne - from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Wanda - the Scarlet Witch from Marvel comics
  • Zelena - Wicked Witch of the West in Once Upon a Time
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Things Associated With Witches That Make Great Girl Names

Witches are often associated with specific tools, and some of these items can make really cool uncommon names for girls.

  • Amulet - something worn to bring you good or keep bad away
  • Athame - blank handled dagger used in rituals
  • Besom - type of broom
  • Boline - knife shaped like a crescent moon
  • Cat - small animal
  • Chalice - goblet
  • Coven - group of witches
  • Esbat - small gathering of witches
  • Paten - disc with a magical symbol engraved in it

Adorable Wiccan Witch Names for Girls

Wiccan baby names include options like beautiful pagan names, cute names inspired by nature, and unique flower names for girls.

  • Ankh
  • Aura
  • Cairne
  • Dittany
  • Fae
  • Ley
  • Litha
  • Magik
  • Moon
  • Myst
  • Rain
  • Raven
  • Star
  • Vale

Popular Girl Names That Sound Witchy

You can choose a girl name that is both witchy and cute by looking for names that sound mystical or magical. All of these cute girl names are in the top 400 U.S. girl names.

  • Aria
  • Aurora
  • Clara
  • Ember
  • Harper
  • Haven
  • Hazel
  • Jade
  • Juniper
  • Luna
  • Lydia
  • Nova
  • Phoebe
  • Piper
  • Sage
  • Samara
  • Selena
  • Serena
  • Sloane
  • Stella
  • Valeria
  • Willa
  • Willow
  • Winter
  • Zara
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Other Types of Witchy Names for Girls

If you're looking for magical names or mystical names that are witchy, but not witch names, you might find inspiration with other magical creatures.

Magical Girl Dragon Names

Feminine versions of names that mean "dragon" or names of female dragons in pop culture can also have a witchy sound.

  • Azar - means "fire" in Persian
  • Draca - invented feminine form of Draco, which means "dragon" in Ancient Greek
  • Drakaina - Greek mythology dragon
  • Ejdera - invented feminine form of Ejder, which means "dragon" in Turkish
  • Hurik - means "small fire" in Armenian
  • Katla - fictional dragon from The Brothers Lionheart
  • Keahi - means "the fire" in Hawaiian
  • Moonwatcher - fictional dragon from Wings of Fire
  • Ryu - means "dragon" in Chinese
  • Saphira - fictional dragon from Eragon
  • Tiamat - fictional dragon from Dungeons & Dragons
  • Ugne - means "fire" in Lithuanian
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Magical Girl Fairy Names

Fairies are often seen as magical creatures with powers similar to witches.

  • Crysta - fictional fairy from Ferngully
  • Fauna - fictional fairy from Sleeping Beauty
  • Fay - means "fairy" in Middle English
  • Nuala - fictional fairy from Sandman
  • Ozma - fictional fairy from Oz series
  • Pari - means "fairy" in Persian
  • Parisa - means "like a fairy" in Persian
  • Satu - means "fairy tale" in Finnish
  • Tien - means "fairy" in Vietnamese
  • Tunder - means "fairy" in Hungarian
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Witchy Names for the Win

Thanks to pop culture, witchy names aren't as taboo as they once were for many. Explore different types of magic to find the right female witch name for your daughter, book character, or video game character.

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