Baby Bottles with Attached Storage Containers

Susie McGee
Baby Bottle

Baby bottles with attached storage containers combine the necessity of feeding baby with the convenience of storage containers. Whether you're taking a long road trip or just heading into town, a number of innovative baby products can make bringing baby along much easier to accomplish.

Milk Storage

Moms who use powdered formula love the convenience of baby bottles with attached storage containers. These bottle-storage container combinations allow moms the option of measuring out powdered formula into the attached storage container to be used later in the day when they are away from home. In addition, breastfeeding moms on the go are forever checking out the most efficient bottles and milk storage systems for preserving and using their breast milk. Breast pump systems frequently include milk storage bags that are used for refrigerating and freezing extra breast milk to be used at a later time.

While these storage bags are certainly useful, they are also thought to lose critical antibodies. Glass and hard plastic containers are often preferred storage containers because they are believed to preserve more of breast milk's immunological and nutritional properties. Many moms are singing the praises of specifically designed baby bottles with attached storage containers.

Where to Buy

Whether you want a storage system that features attached containers or systems that incorporate an all-in-one pump, store, and feed option, the following storage and feeding sets can be great options.

The First Years Disney Winnie the Pooh Soothie Starter Set

Sold at Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other major retailers, The First Years Winnie the Pooh Soothie Starter Set features two small containers that attach to two small bottles. Parents can quickly measure out the correct amount of formula into the container which is attached to the bottle. This innovative design is a great space-saving and no-spill solution for packed diaper bags.

Mother's Milk Mate

Breastfeeding advocates often point out that important breast milk nutrients are lost when moms transfer the milk from one container to the next. Mother's Milk Mate innovative feeding system incorporates feeding and storing into one BPA-free bottle, turning it into a safe and efficient storage container. The containers can be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer and kept on the First In-First Out breast milk storage rack that is designed to dispense the first bottle pumped each time. Mother's Milk Mate's hard plastic containers are compatible with most Ameda, Medela, and many other standard ring-sized pumps.


Snappies breast milk container and bottle combinations are ultra convenient. Breast milk can easily be collected using the flip-top container that is designed to work with Ameda, Medela and many other standard ring-sized pumps. The containers, which are sterilized through the manufacturing process, are airtight and leak-proof and offer maximum refrigerator and freezer shelf life. The label section on each container allows moms to keep a record of the breast milk storage time. In addition to storage, Snappies containers are bottles as well, offering the convenience of immediately feeding baby without swapping containers.

Choosing a Bottle System

The bottle storage system you choose should meet your specific feeding needs. If you are breastfeeding your baby, look for a feeding system that allows you the convenience of pumping, storing, and feeding all from one container. If you use formula, consider purchasing a few bottles with attached containers particularly for those days when you are on the go. Bottle and container sets are convenient and easy to use.

Baby Bottles with Attached Storage Containers