Free Printable Shapes for Toddlers

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Parents, caregivers, and teachers can use free printable shapes for toddlers to teach a variety of concepts.

Teachable Moments

Toddlers learn in a variety of ways, most of them quite simple. Parents and teachers soon learn that teachable moments can be found in everyday objects and activities. For example, teach toddlers about circles by pointing to a plate or a clock face. For rectangles, use placemats, cereal boxes and books, and for squares, use picture frames. For more complex geometrical shapes, point to road signs and even billboards when you and your toddler are riding in your car.

Understanding the concept of shapes is actually a preliminary learning tool that paves the way for broader thinking skills. Once toddlers become aware of the differences in shapes, they often pay closer attention to other objects they encounter throughout the day. They also begin to notice the variations between letters and numbers, paving the way for an introduction to math and reading skills at an early age.

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Free LoveToKnow Printable Shapes

Finding Free Printable Shapes for Toddlers

Free printable shapes for toddlers can be found on a variety of Internet sites, like the following:

Fisher-Price- Once again , Fisher-Price rises to the challenge of creating products which not only entertain but also teach young children. You can teach your child about the differences in shapes by printing off each of the site's free coloring pages. Print several copies of each shape, and encourage your child to color them, trace them, and try her hand at drawing the shapes as well.

TLS Books- Another great site dedicated to teaching toddlers a variety of concepts, TLS offers a great selection of printable shape worksheets. Each worksheet comes with suggestions for using the sheets to teach toddlers about shapes. While the site is free, the owners of the site do ask for a small donation, but this is purely optional. From matching to tracing, drawing to coloring, these worksheets offer toddlers the opportunity to practice a variety of skills.

Coloring Castle- You'll need to download a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access the pages at this site. There is a link to this free download on the site. Once you do, you're ready to print one or all of the twelve shapes available on the site.

Kids Learning Station- In addition to a nice selection of shape worksheets that include a variety of activities for toddlers to enjoy, you can also find printables that teach other concepts, including sizes, colors, letters, numbers, pattern recognition, writing readiness, scissor skills worksheets, phonics worksheets, and more.

In addition to the above websites, you can make your own free printables using construction paper, note cards, cardstock, or anything else you have on hand. Have your toddler trace or copy the shapes, or ask him to name the shapes as you hold them up. Teachable moments for your toddler will happen every day, and you can seize those moments to make a difference in your toddler's learning environment.

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Free Printable Shapes for Toddlers