4 Fun Indoor Toddler Activities for Cold and Rainy Days

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Fun indoor toddler activities can keep your little one occupied and happy, regardless of the weather outside.

Toddler Fun

If you're the parent or the caregiver of a toddler, you already know that toddlers just don't like to sit still. When children are able to explore the great outdoors, possibilities for activities are endless. However, when kids have to stay indoors, boredom quickly sets in. What can you do to amuse your antsy toddler on a day when playing outside just isn't possible?

Fun Indoor Toddler Activities

When you think of the words "indoor" and "activities", you may cringe at the thought of toddlers running through the house or making huge messes that you have to clean up. Indoor toddler activities can actually be lots of fun for toddlers, however, without creating havoc for you and your home. Check out the following ideas!

At Day at the Beach

Even if there is a blizzard raging outside your door, your toddler can pretend she is at the beach with an indoor "sandbox."

Supplies include the following:

  • Plastic or blow-up pool
  • Several large boxes or bags of rice to use as "sand"
  • Small shovels, spoons, buckets, bowls, cups, pans, or sifters

Spread newspaper on the floor, and place the pool on top of the newspaper. Pour the rice into the pool, and add all of the "beach toys" your toddler will use to play in the "sand." She can now sit in the middle of the pool and play. One word of caution--you might want to put long pants on her before she sits on the rice, since the rice could irritate her tender skin. When it's time to clean up, pour the rice into a sealable bin and put away for another day.

Indoor Maze

Children of all ages love mazes, and toddlers are no exception. The maze you create doesn't have to be elaborate. In fact, you can build a maze out of common household items. Place kitchen chairs on their sides in a pattern that invites your toddler to weave his way in and out of them. If your hall is wide and long enough, this might be the perfect area to create a maze.

If you happen to have several large boxes, cut the tops and bottoms of the boxes and tape them together to create tunnels. Toddlers love crawling through small spaces. For added fun, place small toys in the maze, and tell your toddler he has to collect all the toys while you count to ten!

Tent Fun

What child doesn't love to play in a tent? While you can certainly purchase a ready-made tent or small playhouse at your local department or toy store, you can also make one with the help of your child. Drape a large sheet, blanket, or comforter over chairs, couches, or bed posts. You may need to use clothespins to secure the corners of the material. Leave a small opening for a door. Throw a blanket and some pillows on the floor of the "tent" and add a few of your child's favorite stuffed animals. She may never want to come out!

Grocery Store

Little ones love to feel grown-up, so create a "grocery store" for your toddler to visit. Save empty food boxes, and wash cans and bottles thoroughly. Stack these items on a shelf or table, and give your toddler some play money to put into her purse. Tell her it's time to go grocery shopping, and ask her to select items from the store and buy them from you with her play money. When she's bought everything she needs, ask her to "cook" some lunch for you both!

Finally, remember that whatever indoor toddler activities you choose to do with your toddler, have fun!

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