Birth Announcement Templates and Ideas

Envelope and card Welcome Baby

If you're ready to announce the birth of a new baby boy or baby girl, birth announcement templates and ideas can help you send the message in style. You can use these resources directly to save time or use them as inspiration for creating your own unique birth announcement.

Printable Birth Announcement Templates

Take the guess-work out of creating a birth announcement and print copies of a free, downloadable birth announcement. Parents who aren't creative or are short on time can simply add their baby's personal information to these templates and send. Choose from seven different full-page birth announcement templates with themes like teddy bears or modern pink or blue geometric designs.

Jungle Birth Announcement Template
Jungle Birth Announcement Template

Photo Birth Announcement Templates

When you plan to include a picture of your newborn, use a photo birth announcement template. Choose from four full-page birth announcement templates that each feature a large photo of the new baby front and center. Use baby announcement photo tips to get an adorable and professional photo of your new baby as you present him or her to the world. Parents who employed a photographer for their birth experience or those who are waiting a few weeks or months to announce baby's arrival love this type of announcement.

Photo Birth Announcement Template
Photo Birth Announcement Template

Birth Announcement Ideas for Twins

Twice the babies doesn't have to mean twice the announcements, but it can if you want. When it's time to create your birth announcement for twins, consider whether you want to announce them together or separately. To announce them separately, you can create an announcement for each child and include them in the same envelope. For a combined announcement, look for a cute them like "two peas in a pod" and make an invitation that incorporates that theme with information about each baby.

Printable twins baby announcement template
Printable baby announcement template from

Premie Birth Announcement Ideas

Choosing premie birth announcements can be a challenge because you're focused on the care of your precious little one. Consider whether you want to send an announcement after baby's birth or after baby is cleared to go home from the hospital. Use a photo montage to show your baby's growth or add a cute phrase such as "The stork stopped by early." to communicate your experience.

Premie birth announcements

Fun and Creative Birth Announcement Ideas

Highly creative and quirky parents want to infuse your birth announcement with a heavy dose of personality and originality. Fun and creative birth announcement ideas involve looking beyond the obvious baby stats and incorporating unique perspectives. Send an announcement from the perspective of a sibling or pet or incorporate your own passions like nature. You can turn any standard announcement into a creative one with fun phrases or create your own from scratch.

Father and son yawning

Birth Announcement Wording Ideas

Once you've chosen your template or birth announcement design, it's time to focus on the wording. Birth announcement wording ideas help you find short and creative ways to say "Check out our new baby!" Choose from over a dozen original wording examples from traditional to religious and let your announcement speak for your feelings.

Girl Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Text Messages

Ultra-modern and busy parents love the idea of sending text message birth announcements. While they may seem informal for some recipients, text message announcements are a great way to spread the word fast and wide. These quick messages are ideal for new parents to send right after baby's birth to close family members. SMS birth announcements can have a traditional feel or be completely modern and use emojis to get the message across.

Baby birth announcement text message

Email Birth Announcement Wording Ideas for Work

If you're taking some time off work after your baby's birth or are close with your coworkers, email birth announcements are appropriate. These messages can be sent by the new parents, a close family member, or even a designated coworker. Use the tone of your workplace to determine whether you send a professional email or an original, funny email.

Email birth announcement wording ideas for work

Present Your New Baby

Birth announcement templates and ideas give you lots of inspiration and tools to create exciting communications that present your new baby. Use different announcement ideas to present your new baby to different groups of people like friends, family, and coworkers.

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