Signs You Want Another Baby

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While there's never a right time to have another baby, sometimes all the signs are pointing in the right direction. If you're sitting and nodding in agreement with this, that time might have come!

1. You Have Nappy & Vom Nostalgia

Cleaning baby

Remember when the smell of a dirty nappy or putrid milk upchuck used to turn you a shade of green? If those feelings of counting down the days until you would never have to see a poop-besmirched nappy or milk-stained top have been replaced by a mysterious sense of nostalgia for the good old days of such grossness, your uterus might be trying to say something to you.

2. You Melt Over Screaming Babies

While waiting in line for coffee, the sound of baby screams used to leave you wanting to run for the hills with a headache, as memories of sleepless nights rush back, feeling all too real. Now that time has passed and things are a little blurry on that front, you find yourself fondly reminiscing about your own baby's bleats. You casually shrug off the reality of sleep deprivation with the notion that a few sleepless nights really aren't that bad after all.

3. You Fantasize About Sibling Love

Big brother loving newborn baby

Your three year old is totally obsessed with putting his or her own pretend baby to sleep, and you can't stop thinking how helpful and loving he or she would be to a future baby brother or sister. You imagine them playing blissfully, rather than bopping each other on the head, and are 100% convinced that there is no way on this planet that your three year old would hold an ounce of jealousy or resentment towards the new wee one.

4. You Can't Stop Thinking About It

From the second you wake up to the moment you turn in for the night, it's like your uterus has taken over your entire stream of conciousness and is screaming, 'GIVE ME ANOTHER BABY!' You see them everywhere, find yourself ogling newborn clothing in shops, and are obsessed with all things baby. The words 'baby fever' don't even come close to describing your current state.

5. You Baby Stalk

You literally jump at the chance to baby sit or hang out with another baby. You don't care whose it is, or what it takes to just spend some precious moments with somebody's else's bundle of joy. What does this mean? You should probably go ahead and make your own.

6. You're Frisky!

Gone are the days of "Honey, I've got a headache." These days, you're practically begging for some action, much to your man's delight! You couple up with reckless abandon in the hope that nature will just take its course, if you're both conveniently careless that is...

7. You Make Out Like You Are

Motherhood heart shaped pregnancy

You walk around with your hand on your tummy like there's a little entity already growing inside you. You are walking the walk so much that when you bump into an old friend at the grocery store, she actually thinks you are, and you're delighted, rather than appalled, at this error.

8. You Shush Your Brain

Your brain has become a second class citizen and has lost all sway in this matter. You couldn't give two hoots about the finances or emotional demands of another baby, not to mention what is convenient, affordable, or the right thing to do. Your heart and your ovaries are ruling loud and proud and singing the glories of another baby 24/7, as you can't help but secretly smile about the joys of a new addition countless times throughout the day.

9. You're Short-Listing Baby Names

List of names

You've been secretly checking out all the baby name websites, and have a solid selection of contenders. You're already imagining everyone's reactions to the baby names you've lined up. Not that you really care what they think, of course!

10. You're Envious of Moms-to-Be

You find yourself staring dreamily at moms-to-be walking down the street and you cross the road in a slightly stalkerish way, just so you can walk behind them and bask in the beauty of their heavily pregnant waddle. You would give anything to switch places with them at that very moment.

Suspect the time might have come to bite the bullet? There could be a newborn on the horizon sooner than you think!

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Signs You Want Another Baby