Template for Diaper Invitation

baby diaper theme shower invite

Be creative and use a cute template for a diaper invitation to invite guests to your baby shower. A template makes it much easier to create unique invitations that will impress your guests. When creating an invitation, be sure to check out printable templates, as well as websites, for great ideas on personalizing diaper invitations.

Printable Diaper Invitation Templates

Downloading and printing a diaper invitation is often the easiest and most affordable way to invite guests to your baby shower without spending a lot of money. It also gives you the option to add whatever details you like from the convenience of your home. The templates below include ones appropriate for a baby girl, baby boy, or a generic one that will work for either gender.

You can download the free printable invitations below by clicking on the image. The invitation will open as a PDF. You can then edit the information before printing or fill it in by hand after it is printed. Each template has specific instructions attached to it to help you with printing and assembly.

Online Invitation Templates

In addition to the above printable templates, there are many other unique templates for baby showers that can easily be found online. Whether you want to make a diaper invitation or even a diaper envelope for the invitation, templates are available for free on the following websites:

  • Scrap Jazz: Download this cute diaper template that can either be used as the invitation or as an envelope for an invitation.
  • Creative Baby Shower Ideas: This site has a variety of cute baby shower invitation ideas, including the ever-popular mini-diaper theme.
  • Plan the Perfect Baby Shower: This site has three printable versions of a diaper invitation - blue, pink and white. The white version can be printed on the paper color of your choice.
  • Do It Yourself Invitations: Along with full-color photos of examples, this site has two cute templates for diaper invitations that use real diaper pins.

Special Touches

You can personalize any invitation template, even after printing it at home.

Paper and Envelopes

Beautiful papers in a wide variety of colors can be found at most craft stores. Experiment with different colors and textures for a truly unique invitation.

Envelopes may be created to fit a handmade card or they may be purchased at a craft store. Be sure the envelope is the right size for the finished card and can accommodate any embellishments you have placed on the card. Take one with you to the store to help you find the best fit.


People enjoy receiving invitations that are a little like a scrapbook page. Be sure to include interesting embellishments to personalize your invitations such as:

  • Real diaper pins
  • Miniature baby bottles
  • Tiny plastic babies
  • Bows and ribbon

Special Requests

You will also want to indicate on the invitation what type of shower you are throwing. You can state whether the shower is a specific theme or even a surprise. You may even add a request on the invitation for guests to bring a specific item, such as diapers or books.

Easy and Impressive

Making a baby shower invitation is easy with a template for a diaper invitation. Simply download your favorite and customize it to your own liking. You can easily add a few embellishments to the diaper invitation and wow the recipients with your creativity.

Template for Diaper Invitation