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Getting an adoption baby book is a great idea for potential parents and parents-to-be. The book can be about how to adopt (for those considering it), adjusting to adoption (for those in the process or with other children), and of course, a book for the baby that will be arriving soon!

Informational Adoption Baby Book

Finding a book that is written about adoption is a way to get started in the process. Knowing the basics before speaking to agencies can help speed things along. You can meet with the agency, prepared with a list of questions and an understanding about how you feel concerning certain agency practices.

Consider getting these books on the process of adopting:

For more adoption baby books, ask your lawyer or counselor for their recommended reading picks. Your local librarian will also be able to tell you which adoption books are frequently checked out and which contain the most useful information.

Awaiting the Adopted Child

After you complete the adoption process, you may have a waiting period until your new family member arrives. Use this time to make yourself more prepared about the issues your new baby will face, knowing she/he is adopted. Also make this a time to educate other children in your family about adoption.

These are children's books your family may find helpful:

  • Did My First Mother Love Me? - It helps explain why birth parents give children up, and includes a section on how to talk to your children about their adoption.
  • Hi New Baby! - Perfect for siblings of the soon-to-be adopted child.
  • I Don't Have Your Eyes - This is a book for adopted children who do not have the same features as their new parents. It may also help young children understand why their new brother or sister does not look like them, and that it is okay.

Parents should keep up on their reading as well. Being prepared for the different issues that may arise is essential in making a smooth transition. Check out the following books:

  • The Whole Life Adoption Book - This book is about different issues for everyone in the family that comes with adoption.
  • Raising Adopted Children - The book tackles hard questions, like when to tell your child s/he is adopted. It also addresses some parental fears, like bonding and attaching to the adopted child.
  • The Post-Adoption Blues - Reading this book will help you deal with any upcoming emotional issues that may arise after your adopted child arrives.

Baby Books for Your New Baby

Once your adopted baby arrives, you may want to begin documenting his or her life. Traditional baby books are not meant for adopted children. They often have several pages related to the pregnancy and birth of a newborn. While you can still use traditional books, there will be several pages unused.

Instead, consider getting a memory book geared towards adopted babies. These books will have sections for information about the child's birth parents (if known), preparations made for the arrival, and other special times for the new parents and baby.

Consider getting an adoption baby book for your child:

Adoption has become more open and common every year. A wealth of resources for every step in the process is available. In the end, making your child's scrapbook will be worth all of the work you put into his or her arrival.

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Adoption Baby Book