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97 Beautiful Arabic Baby Names

Susie McGee
Hands holding Arabic baby's head

As parents begin choosing an Arabic baby name for their child, they may wonder what name best reflects their baby. Arabic baby names are not only popular among Muslims, but many African Americans also choose to give their child a name in Arabic. Many of these parents base their decisions on the meanings of each name. In fact, traditionally the mother and father choose a name together, although if they cannot agree, the father has the honor of naming the child. In some cases, Muslim babies are named on the day of their birth, while in others, they are named on their seventh day of life.

It is important that the parents choose a name that is considered good. This might mean a prophet's name, a martyr's name, or even a scholar's name. There are also prohibited names, which must not be given. Below are some common or popular Arabic baby names. For more information on naming your baby, check out the lists available at LoveToKnowBaby.

Arabic Baby Names A through G

  • Aaliyah- high exalted, to ascend
  • Abdul- Servant of God
  • Abia- Great
  • Adalia- refuge of God, just, noble one
  • Ali- God, little, the highest
  • Alim- wise, learned
  • Alima- wise, learned
  • Almira- Princess
  • Amber- yellow-brown, precious jewel
  • Ameerah- princess
  • Amir- prince
  • Anan- clouds
  • Anisa- friendly
  • Azalea- Democracy
  • Basil- royal, brave
  • Beulah- married
  • Bilal- first convert of muhammad
  • Burhan- proof
  • Carna- horn
  • Cemal- beauty
  • Coman- noble
  • Fatima- daughter of muhammad
  • Ferran- baker
  • Gamal- camel
  • Ginton- a garden

H through L

  • Hadi- guiding to the light
  • Hadiya- guide to righteousness, gift
  • Hasna- beautiful
  • Hassan- handsome
  • Hussein- handsome one
  • Iman- faith, belief
  • Israt- affection
  • Jala- charity
  • Jaleel- great, fine
  • Jamal- beauty
  • Jana- God's gracious gift; a harvest of fruit
  • Jibril- archangel Gabriel
  • Kalila- beloved
  • Kamil- perfection
  • Kamilah- the perfect one
  • Kateb- writer
  • Khoury- priest
  • Laith- lion
  • Leila- dark as the night
  • Lila- night
  • Lina- tender

M through R

  • Malik- master
  • Martha- a lady
  • Matana- gift
  • Muhammad- praised one
  • Myiesha- Life's blessing
  • Nassir- protector
  • Nazirah- equal, like
  • Nimah- blessing, loan
  • Nuri- fire
  • Omar- first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous
  • Qadim- Ancient
  • Qadira- Powerful
  • Qamar- Moon
  • Quasim- one who divides goods among his people
  • Rihana- sweet basil
  • Rimon- pomegranite

S through Z

  • Sabirah- patient
  • Sahara- the moon
  • Saida- fortunate one
  • Salimah- safe, healthy
  • Salman- protector, conqueror
  • Samirah- entertaining companion
  • Saree- most noble
  • Seif- sword of religion
  • Selima- peace
  • Shakira- grateful
  • Tahirah- chaste, pure
  • Tamir- pure, tall stately
  • Tariq- star, path
  • Thana- gratitude
  • Thara- wealth
  • Ubaid- Faithful
  • Ulima- Astute, Wise
  • Uthman- Companion of the Prophet
  • Utt- wise and kind
  • Vega- falling star
  • Widjan- ecstacy
  • Xavier- bright, new house
  • Xaviera- bright, new house
  • Yasin- Prophet
  • Yasir- to be rich, to be easy
  • Zafina- Victorious
  • Zahara- shining, luminous
  • Zahir- Shining, Bright
  • Zahra- white, flowers
  • Zaida- fortunate one
  • Zaim- Brigadier General
  • Zaki- Bright, Pure
  • Zara- dawn, princess
  • Zaynah- Great
  • Zeke- the memory of the lord
  • Zimraan- Praise
97 Beautiful Arabic Baby Names