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Tips for Baby's First Christmas Picture

Eliza Martinez
christmas picture

Your baby's first Christmas is a milestone that you will not want to miss capturing on film. That being said, babies aren't well-known for being super cooperative, especially once they become mobile. Whether you're taking a DIY approach to taking baby Christmas pictures or hiring a professional photographer, getting the best shots possible means you'll have to be prepared.

Classic Poses for Baby's First Christmas

There's something to be said for taking some of the tried-and-true poses that all parents take around the holidays. You'll definitely want to include them in your photo album or baby book, so start with these poses. Then, you can follow your baby's cues and get some additional ones that make you smile and that you'll love pulling out year after year.

baby girl laying under Christmas tree
  • Under the Christmas tree makes great first year photographs. You can dress your little one in an adorable holiday outfit, then pose him under the lit tree, surrounded by gifts.
  • Santa's lap is a place that your baby is bound to end up at some point before the big day arrives. You won't want to forget your camera for that momentous occasion. Even if your baby cries, you'll want the memory of his first trip to see jolly old St. Nick even if your baby doesn't love it as much as you do.
  • A good family portrait is another classic for the holidays. Have a friend or family member take a few shots of the baby with your immediate or extended family in your Christmas day outfits. You can do this in front of your decorated Christmas tree, out in the snowy backyard, or another seasonal scene.

Creative Ideas for Baby Christmas Photos

There are lots of fun ways to capture your baby's first Christmas. Getting them on film allows you to have memories that you can share throughout your child's life. These are also unique and enjoyable poses to use for your family Christmas cards this year. All of your friends and family are going to enjoy sharing in the joy of your little one's first holiday season. Great Christmas photo pose ideas for your new baby include:

  • Baby Christmas Portrait
    Pose with a holiday word. No matter how many people are in your family, you can each hold the letter of a holiday word when you have the photo taken. If you are just a family of three, "Joy" is the perfect word. Paint wooden or cardboard letters from the craft store in festive Christmas colors. If you have more children, try "Peace," "Merry," or "Love." For tiny newborn babies, simply lean the letter near them and help hold it up for the photo.
  • If you want a photo of just your baby, try nestling her into a wrapped box with the lid off. Wrap up a big box with bright holiday paper and ribbon, then lay or sit your little one inside and have her peek out of the box. If your baby doesn't sit on her own yet, use a soft blanket to lay her in the box.
  • A photo under the Christmas tree is fun, but you can take it to the next level by draping a strand of holiday lights around your baby. Turn the room lights off to get a beautiful photo with the lights glowing on her face.
  • Baby under Christmas tree
    There's something special about catching your baby in a moment that isn't posed, so consider snapping a few candids of your curious little one reaching for an ornament or playing with the ribbon on gifts. If your baby is too young to get around on her own, try turning off the room lights, turning on the tree lights and snapping photos of her reaction.
  • Shots from behind are also fun to have in your collection. Snap a couple of photos of your baby as she examines the tree or decorations.
  • Ornaments are a classic holiday icon and are great for Christmas card photos or your social media feed. Lay your baby on a big white blanket, then surround her with a variety of tree Christmas ornaments.
  • Your greatest gift this Christmas is going to be sharing it with your new baby. Capture that feeling by tying a ribbon around her and taking a picture of her under the tree with the other gifts. Just be sure the ribbon isn't around her neck.
  • Christmas babies are often sent home from the hospital in a giant stocking, but you can buy one if you didn't get one. Snuggle your baby into the stocking, then take some pictures of how cute she looks.
  • Newborn Baby Girl
    If you live in a place that gets snow at Christmas, try getting a photo of her near a snowman or wearing a cute Santa outfit. Even bundled up in her winter gear and posed near an evergreen tree will work. You could also make a mini snow angel, then lay her down as if she made it herself. Add a halo carved into the snow for a cute touch.
  • If you have a sled or toboggan lying around and your baby stays put pretty well, drape it with a blanket, add a few ornaments or other props, and have your baby lay or sit on it.

Professional Photos for Baby's First Christmas

If you prefer, you can have your baby's first Christmas recorded professionally. Some department stores have a photo department and there are also many free-standing photo studios that specialize in family, child and infant photography. According to Shanna Simpson, a professional photographer in Kentucky, there are several things to expect when having your baby photographed, at Christmas or otherwise.

  • Some pros like to take infant shots without clothes while others will do many poses and many outfits during a photo session.
  • Your baby might cry, but it's okay. Most pros can work around that.
  • Professional sessions can often take more than a couple of hours. If you aren't up for that, or you feel that your baby won't last, consider taking photos yourself. Some studios also offer mini sessions that take less time.

When you book a professional photo shoot studio session for baby's first Christmas, be sure you let the photographer know how many people will be in the photo and if you have any preferred poses that you want included. You will be shelling out a good deal of cash for professional infant Christmas portraits, so you want to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Studio Offerings

Most studios offer a wide variety of photo packages that range in price depending on how many photos you're ordering. You can get photos in many sizes and can even order your holiday cards featuring your favorite right at the studio. The following are a few examples of popular professional photography studios and what they offer.

  • At Portrait Innovations you can get packages that start at $19.99 and come with 43 photos in a variety of sizes. You can also choose your favorite poses and turn them into mugs, blankets, canvases, greeting cards, jewelry and keepsakes. They also offer holiday specials that can save you some money.
  • JC Penney portrait studios also offer something for families that have a new little one this Christmas. This studio gives you the option of choosing a single photo sheet for $3.99 which makes them very affordable. Visit their site for a complete list of current special offers. You can choose from a large variety of backgrounds and themes. If that's not enough for you, turn your favorite pictures into holiday cards and canvas wall hangings.

A First Christmas Only Comes Once

You are going to be busy this year buying your baby's first Christmas ornament, holiday outfit, stocking and gifts, but don't forget to snap lots and lots of candid and posed photos. You'll want to do this even if you are scheduling formal portraits with a professional photographer. After all, your baby will only have his or her first Christmas once and you are going to want to remember every second of it.

Tips for Baby's First Christmas Picture