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Bouncers fall into two basic categories: those using batteries or plugs and those with no electrical parts. There are a variety of options, however, your baby's age, size and development combined with your lifestyle determine which baby seat is the best fit.

Frame Bouncers

A frame bouncer is the most basic type of bouncy seat. These styles feature a simple metal frame with grips to help it remain stable on any floor surface and an angled, cloth seat for your baby. Seats are lightly cushioned or made from flexible materials and have a harness system to keep your baby strapped in. Frame bouncers are powered by the baby's motion. Whenever your little one moves around, it causes the seat to bounce. These seats are great because you don't have to plug them in, and they do not require batteries. They are small and light which makes them perfect for families constantly on the go and those looking for more natural, technology-free baby seats.

Bouncer Bliss

Bouncer Bliss from Baby Bjorn features a simple, sleek appearance with an expert mechanical design. Made for children from newborn to age two, this basic bouncer comes in deep, soft colors like turquoise, terracotta, black, sand gray, midnight blue, lavender violet and cocoa with a gray frame. This style comes in your choice of quilted cotton fabric or mesh material. Choose from about 13 colors in the cotton version for around $200. You can fold it up for easy traveling and use any of the three positions to help keep your baby comfortable. As your baby grows, you can turn the fabric seat around to make a chair without the harness. The best things about this seat are the versatility and portability. NY Mag reports Baby Bjorn bouncers are a favorite among reviewers thanks to the chic style and easy fold option. It has an average four-point-seven out of five stars from nearly 700 reviews.

Caterpillar's Day at the Park

Caterpillar's Day at the Park by Baby Einstein features bright, bold colors and tons of play options for your child. A blue and green fabric seat with images of a park includes mesh panels along each side of your baby's body and a 3-point harness system. Removable accessories include a toy bar with red bird and smiley face dangling toys, fabric flash cards, and c-link to hold other toys. Nature sounds and musical sounds are optional as is the vibrating feature. This fun bouncy seat sells for under $50. Caregivers looking for a safe, fun place for your baby to learn independent play should try this option. Toys R Us customer reviewers give the seat an average four out of five stars with over 90 percent of almost 500 customers saying they'd recommend it to a friend.

Battery Operated Bouncer

For babies who aren't able to create motion with their body weight, battery operated bouncers are a great option. Electronic components and engineering design help these bouncers gently move up and down. These seats usually offer multiple speeds, feature extras like toy bars or music, and use a similar structure to frame bouncers. If you're in need of a safe, comfortable entertainment system for your baby, these seats may be just the ticket.

Skip Hop Uplift

This adjustable Skip Hop Uplift bouncy seat features three height levels so the baby can rest and play near the floor, level with a caregiver sitting on a couch, or at arm level with a standing caregiver. A convenient knob allows any adult to adjust the seat based on needs. The fabric seat is machine washable and keeps your baby secure with a 5-point harness system. Recommended for babies up to 25 pounds, the sturdy base keeps it from tipping over at any height. A light gray and white color scheme make it a gender-neutral option that blends in with home décor. Additional features include songs, sound effects and the ability to fold it up for easy storage all for around $100. Editors from The Bump name this bouncy seat the Best Bouncer from 2017 thanks to the versatility that allows baby to be included at eye-level in every activity.


For the ultimate in technology-meets-baby-care, you'll want a mamaRoo4 by 4moms. Named Best Bouncer of 2017 by Baby List, this $250 seat features a unique base centered under the baby's seat that bounces up and down and sways from side to side to mimic the real motions of caregivers. With five motion options and five speeds, you can customize to your baby's preferences. This seat reclines or sits upright, includes sounds, and connects to your MP3 device. A plush fabric style feels like velvet while the classic styles are made from a woven fabric. Get yours in gray, black, a white with multicolored graphic squares, or silver with white and gray squares. Each seat includes a soft black and white patterned mobile and is made for babies up to 25 pounds. If you've got a baby who needs more than a standard bounce, but less than a swinging motion this seat is for you.

Fun and Functional Bouncers

Baby gear is a huge market with a wide variety of colors, styles and mechanical options. When you're ready to shop, ask yourself which factors are most important:

  • Is it lightweight, does it fold up?
  • Does it match your home décor or stand out like a sore thumb?
  • Can it grow with your baby? Does it adjust?
  • Is it within your price range?
  • Does it come with toys, music and other accessories?

Find a Natural Motion

Since babies cannot soothe themselves, parents and caregivers look for different ways to offer comfort. When you can't hold your baby or need a break, a bouncy seat can be a lifesaver. Look for a seat that meets your lifestyle needs.

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Baby Bouncy Seats