Choosing the Best Baby Christmas Dresses: What to Look For

Baby in a red velvet Christmas dress
Who doesn't love picking out dresses for a baby?

As Christmas approaches, you may be considering adorning your daughter in a couple of baby Christmas dresses. Whether she is a tiny, small, or bigger baby, there are dresses to fit all.

Choosing Christmas Dresses

There are a number of places where you can purchase an adorable dress so that your baby will be in style this season. You can shop online or go to the physical store location. Either way, make sure to keep the following shopping tips in mind:

  • Sizes - It is better to err on the side of too big than too small. Make sure your baby will have room to move in the dress. Also, check for elastic in the sleeves or waist. You don't want her tummy or arms to feel squeezed.
  • Material - Some elaborate dresses for baby can only be dry-cleaned. If you want a wash-and-wear type, make sure the label reads that the dress can be washed in your washing machine. You don't want the ruffles to be too itchy especially if they are close to her neck. Get a cotton blend or a fabric that feels nice along the seams as well as on the outer portions of the dress. Many of the dresses are made of soft cotton velvet.
  • Color - Make sure the dress goes along with her complexion and eye color. For a pale baby, you may want to buy a dress that is red as opposed to one that is mostly white with a little holiday trim.
  • Cost - You do not need to break the piggy bank over a dress for the Christmas season. Remember that your daughter will only be able to wear the dress for a few months. When she outgrows it, it will never be able to be worn by her again. A less expensive dress might make more sense unless you are planning to have more children or can pass the dress along to a friend or relative for her child. If you don't mind if the dress has been gently worn before, why not head to a consignment store in your area? Sometimes you can even find designer baby Christmas dresses at reduced costs than what you would pay for the same dresses brand new.

Shoes: Yes or No?

Adding a pair of patent-leather or other type of baby shoes to complete the outfit is up to you. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to omit the shoes especially if she is not walking. Frilly socks will look nice. However, they easily get kicked off of little girl's feet. A pair of white or black tights will keep her warmer and stay on longer. They also will cover her diaper so that no matter what she does, her Pampers or Huggies will not be visible.

Where to Shop

Baby feet
Barefoot shows up well in photos.

Pretty as a Picture

Now that your child is dressed in her beautiful dress, be sure to take some pictures. If she is over three months old and can lift her head, place her on her tummy on a white or black blanket on the floor. If she can sit up, have her sit on the sofa or also on a blanket. Snap away! You will be sure to get some charming photos of your child in her baby Christmas dresses. Filming her without shoes or socks can be fun, too. Everybody likes to see baby toes!

Many portrait studios offer holiday discounts, so you may want to make an appointment at one of those to have a professional photo taken. Keep in mind that they book up quickly, even as early as November, so if you want a more relaxing photo shoot, buy your baby's dress or dresses, and get to the studio before the hectic Christmas rush. If you want to change your baby's clothing so that the photo session will have pictures of her in two or three outfits, make sure you inquire about this instead of assuming it is the studio's protocol.

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Choosing the Best Baby Christmas Dresses: What to Look For