Options for Baby Cribs With Changing Tables

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Baby care requires a lot of gear that can take up a lot of space. Make the most of your nursery layout with a crib and changing table combo. These infant beds come with a changing table attached to the side for easy diapering during naptime or bedtime. Not only are these styles convenient, but they often take up less space than two separate pieces of furniture.

4-in-1 Options

4-in-1 options typically grow with the child into adulthood. They tend to be a great investment for the long haul. However, buyers should note that each change (from crib to toddler bed, from toddler bed to day bed, etc.) requires a conversion kit that generally doesn't come with the original crib purchase. In addition, most manufacturers recommend that you purchase all pieces for future conversions within a year of purchasing the crib. If you wait, it's possible the items will be discontinued.

Dream on Me's Anna

Dream on Me's Anna
Dream on Me's Anna

Dream on Me's Anna is ideal for parents without a lot of space, in need of versatile storage, and on a tight budget. This lifetime crib sells for under $120 in a cherry finish. You can also choose the black or natural finishes for under $175. The conversion kits for converting the crib sell separately, and the manufacturer suggests buying the pieces within a year of purchasing the crib.

The crib is shaped so that you can place the bed in the middle of a nursery (as opposed to against a wall) when your child is an infant (before he can pull himself up). In addition, the crib has the following features:

  • Changing pad with safety strap
  • Two shelves for convenient storage
  • Includes assembly tools
  • Has one non-moveable railing for safety

Customer reviewers rave the crib is much more sturdy and expensive looking in person than it appeared online, leaving them pleasantly surprised in this price range. They also note that for the price, it is a nice, simple option. However, other reviewers note that the crib is really difficult to put together. Also, parents should be aware that the open design shelving can pose a safety hazard as they are easy for a toddler to climb.

Graco's Remi

Graco's Remi offers modern style with optimum storage and is ideal for families who want one piece that combines dress, changing table and crib. This 4-in-1 convertible crib and changer combo sells for around $300 and comes in white, espresso, or a high contrast white and gray. Its design is versatile as you can place it in the middle of the room for easy access to both changing table drawers and shelves, or place the shelf side against the wall to hide shelf contents but still have easy access. The Graco Remi has other outstanding features, including:

  • Cutout handles at the top of each drawer instead of typical knobs or drawer pulls
  • Large drawer under the crib to hold bedding
  • One side of the changing table has three drawers and the other side features two shelves

Reviewers love how the Remi pairs style and function in a seamless manner where one doesn't take away from the other. They also note that this model is slightly larger than other similar styles because of the added storage. (However, it's still smaller than three separate pieces of furniture.) On Wayfair, the crib averages about 4.6 out of 5 stars with customers praising its aesthetic and the convenience of the storage.

Convertible Options

Not every child needs a toddler bed, and so if you're comfortable moving from crib to 'big kid bed,' these convertible options are perfect for you. These go from crib to twin size beds.

Sorelle Newport 3-in-1 Mini

Newport Mini Porta Crib and Changer
Newport Mini Porta Crib and Changer

If space is your top concern, a compact option like the Sorelle Newport 3-in-1 Mini is a great choice. The classic slat design runs around the entire crib including the rails around the changing station, which are shorter in the front and get gradually taller toward the back. Available in a merlot finish for around $225, this crib pairs classic style with modern convenience thanks to its three drawers and shelves along with the compact size. The built-in dresser also means you won't need a lot of other large, bulky furniture. In addition, the Sorelle Newport features:

  • The changing table converts to a dresser when you convert the crib to a bed.
  • It's half the size of other combos since it's a mini crib.
  • The mattress has three adjustable heights.
  • Bed converts to twin sized bed with additional purchase of conversion kit.

Customers love this option because the small footprint allows baby to fit easily into a small bedroom with parents and when sharing a room with siblings. However, some customers noted that this does not work for older babies as they can climb out easily (and there is no toddler bed option). One customer also pointed out that finding sheets and a mattress are kind of tough since it's not a standard size.

Sorelle's Finley Crib & Changer

Sorelle's Finley Crib & Changer stands out from other combos because it features a drawer, cupboard, and open shelving underneath the changing table. Available in Weathered Gray, this crib is a substantial piece of furniture constructed of pine and adorned with chunky trim pieces. This crib sells for just under $500 and boasts many features:

  • Converts to a toddler bed as well as a twin bed with the purchase of additional equipment.
  • Changing table becomes separate piece of furniture when you convert to daybed.
  • It has three adjustable mattress height positions.
  • The crib and changer both feature a solid backboard piece, unlike many other styles.

Parents can feel safe knowing their baby is secure in this well-built crib with taller changing table rails. While it is extra large, spanning over six feet in length, this style provides great versatility in terms of storage options. However, some customers note that the gray color is not what they expected.

Shopping Tips

When you shop for a crib and changer combo, you're already thinking about convenience and storage. Consider these other factors as you shop for a crib and changing table in one.

  • How large is the space you plan to place the piece?
  • Are you able to assemble a large, complex piece of furniture?
  • Which aspects are most important, the crib, changing surface, or storage?
  • Is it part of a collection where you can buy other matching furniture pieces?
  • What is your budget?
  • Does the changing table feel/look stable?
  • Is the changer big enough for your baby?
  • Does the set come with a changing table pad or will you need to buy one separately?

As with all cribs and baby gear, make sure your choice meets all the current safety guidelines like mattress height options and no drop sides. Head to a store and test out different functions like under the crib drawers to see if you like the way they look and work. Even if you purchase a crib combo online, getting a feel for different crib styles, materials, and extras in-person can help in your decision-making process.

Meet Every Need

All-in-one baby cribs with attached changing stations save caregivers space and time while offering convenience. Meet all your needs and baby's needs when you make smart shopping choices to find baby gear that makes your life easier.

Options for Baby Cribs With Changing Tables