Baby Gift Basket Options to Make or Buy

Baby Gift Basket

The ultimate way to welcome a new baby or show your support for new parents, a gift basket makes a fun and functional present. Ranging from themed designs to gourmet specialty selections, there are dozens of baby gift basket options to choose from. You can purchase baskets at local stores, select one of the many wonderful choices available on the Internet, or make your own gift basket at home.

Themed Gift Baskets

One of the cutest options for gift baskets involves centering the entire gift around a theme. This can be bath time, bedtime, a certain animal, or the color of the nursery. Several companies specialize in this type of basket.

Stork Baby Gift Baskets

Dr Seuss baby gift basket
"Dr. Seuss Welcome Wagon" Personalized Baby Gift Set

Stork Baby Gift Baskets offers gift baskets in a number of price ranges and themes. Consider one of the following options available from this retailer:

  • Dr. Seuss-themed gift baskets with beloved children's books and matching apparel
  • Baby rockers baskets with child-sized rocking chairs or animals and toys
  • Book baskets with favorite children's books and stuffed characters
  • Disney gift baskets with favorite Disney characters and baby needs with Disney logos

Baby Gift Station

Baby Gift Station sells quirkier gift baskets in fun, bright colors and creative configurations. There are a number of popular themes, including the following:

  • Organic baby gift baskets with organic cotton clothes and toys and organic bath products
  • Radio Flyer baskets with a selection of fun baby toys and books packed in a cute red Radio Flyer wagon
  • Twin baby gift baskets with layettes and adorable toys for two babies
  • Baby Einstein baskets full of educational toys, music, and books

Doodle Buckets

Doodle Buckets Baby Gifts allows you to select gift baskets for baby boys and baby girls and even for the big brothers and sisters. Gender-neutral baskets are available here as well. Themes include the following options:

  • Painted wagons filled with baby essentials like toys, bedding, clothing, and feeding items
  • Moses baskets filled with washcloths, towels, bedding, outfits, and toys
  • Twins and multiples baskets with everything the new parents need for twins, triplets, or quadruplets
  • Sports team-themed baskets for future fans of the Yankees and other teams

Personalized Gift Baskets

If you are interested in a more personalized gift, many websites will personalize your gift basket by adding the new baby's name to various items in the basket. This is a great welcome gift to send to parents after the baby has come home from the hospital.

The Baby Gift Basket Co.

Personalized Lamby Love Moses Basket
Personalized Lamby Love Moses Basket

The Baby Gift Basket Co. has a nice selection of designer gift baskets to choose from:

  • Personalized Fattamano gift baskets, containing a luxurious personalized blanket and jacket
  • Baskets for twins and higher multiples featuring items personalized for each baby
  • Personalized miniature Moses baskets full of baby toys and essentials
  • Luxury personalized baskets with blankets, clothing, and even a baby wipe case with the little one's name

Go To Baby

Go To Baby offers a number of lovely gift baskets, many of which are personalized with the baby's name and birth date:

  • Little Miracle baskets with books, toys, clothing, and a personalized blanket
  • Name Me gift baskets with a stuffed bear and several personalized outfits and a blanket
  • Park Avenue Posh gift sets with personalized luxury blankets, snugly toys, and more
  • It's a Boy or It's a Girl baskets with teddy bears and personalized blankets

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

If you're hosting or attending a baby shower for the new mom, a gift basket can make the ideal shower present. Often, these take on the form of familiar baby shower motifs, like storks and baby buggies. You can also use many baskets as centerpieces during the festivities and then have the mom-to-be take them home after the party is finished. Several sites offer great options for this type of gift.

Corner Stork Baby Gifts

At Corner Stork Baby Gifts, you'll find lots of great gift baskets, many of which would make great shower gifts:

  • Stork Delivers diaper cake basket in the shape of an adorable stork and including diapers, a blanket, a bib, and much more
  • Baby Hoagie set in the shape of a giant sandwich and filled with everything the mom-to-be will need for the little one
  • Diaper Carriages composed of newborn diapers, blankets, clothing, and essentials in the shape of a baby buggy
  • Bottle Bundle gift basket with baby essentials packaged in a giant baby bottle


Etsy is an artist marketplace, and it's a great shopping resource for hand-assembled, affordable baby shower baskets. Options change all the time, but you can usually find the following styles:

  • Baskets constructed of rolled diapers and filled with baby essentials
  • Gift baskets filled with hand-knit clothing and blankets
  • Baskets with handmade soap, clothing, and toys
  • Baskets in the shape of wicker bassinets and filled with everything needed for a newborn

Gourmet Baby Gift Baskets for New Parents

Several gourmet gift basket sites offer selections especially for new parents. Since those first weeks home with a baby can be hectic, a gift basket like this can be a big help.

  • The New Parents Golden Gift Basket from Gift Tree includes popcorn, snacks, sweets, and tasty treats for the new mom and dad.
  • The Hello Baby pink gift basket comes in various sizes and includes tasty chocolate and coffee for Mom and Dad to enjoy during those midnight feedings. They also have bouquets for baby boys.

Specialty Baby Gift Baskets

Sometimes, the circumstances call for a unique gift basket. Try out of one these options:

  • The Burt's Bees Baby Bee Box gift basket is the perfect gift to send during the baby's first weeks at home. It features adorable clothing and Burt's Bees bath products.
  • Simply Unique Gift Baskets has a line of gift baskets for the older sibling of a new baby, featuring toys and activities to keep the big kids busy while Mom and Dad care for the new baby.

Baby Gift Baskets: Making Your Own

If you have the time, it can be fun to assemble your own gift basket for the new baby. Try one of these fun ideas.

Sleepy Time Basket

Start with a Moses basket or baby bassinet, and fill it with some of the following items:

  • Lullaby CDs
  • Sweet gowns or sleepers
  • Soft blanket and bedding
  • Cuddly animal friend
  • Bedtime story
  • Baby monitor

Bath Time Basket

Help prepare the new baby for many fun bath times by filling a baby bathtub with all the essentials, such as the following items:

  • Baby shampoos, soaps, and lotions
  • Hooded bath towels
  • Fun wash cloth puppets
  • Rubber duckies and other toys
  • Bath safety items like a temperature gauge
  • Diaper ointment
  • Baby-sized bathrobe and slippers

Diapering Essentials Basket

Start with a diaper bag, and fill it with all the basics for diapering:

  • Lots of newborn diapers
  • Diaper ointment
  • Wipes and an attractive diaper wipe case
  • Little toys to distract the baby during a diaper change
  • A portable changing pad

Feeding Time Basket

Starting with an attractive basket, add the following feeding essentials:

  • Bottles and cups
  • Small bowls
  • Baby spoons
  • Reusable and disposable bibs
  • Disposable placemats
  • Baby cereal and snacks
  • Instructions for homemade baby food

The Perfect Present

No matter if you buy or build your gift basket, this present will be the hit of the party! The new mom, dad, and baby can enjoy all of the wonderful items inside, and you can feel satisfied with the fact that you've selected the perfect present!

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Baby Gift Basket Options to Make or Buy