Tips for Choosing Baby Girl Clothes

baby girl clothes

When it comes to baby girl clothes, parents have a variety of choices. The hardest part about shopping for a baby girl is deciding what you want to buy compared to what you really need. Whether you are buying baby clothes for a gift or for your own child, you shouldn't have much difficulty in finding that perfect outfit.

Clothing that Lasts

Clothes for baby girls are adorable with all of those ribbons, embellishments, and ruffles. The downside is that those same pieces can fall off or tear more easily than plainer clothing. Shopping online at places like Amazon can be a great resource since you can read honest reviews from other parents about how durable the clothing is. Other retail sites include the following:

  • Carter's is well-known for adorable and affordable clothes that last. You can purchase items right from their website, in outlet stores, or through major retailers like Target and Kohl's.
  • A long-time retail favorite for a generation of new parents, Old Navy carries many trendy and seasonal items, some starting as low as $5. Be sure to also check out their clearance racks for even better deals.
  • If you are looking to splurge on a special outfit for a baptism or a party, LaBella Flora and Best Dressed Child carry top-of-the-line unique clothing that will make your little girl look like a princess.

Gift Giving

When searching for the perfect gift for a baby girl, you can hardly go wrong by purchasing an adorable little outfit. That being said, however, many new parents find themselves swimming in an abundance of newborn clothes. While newborn outfits are simply adorable, they often aren't very practical, especially if the new baby receives more outfits than she can possibly wear before she outgrows them.

If you are thinking about purchasing clothes for a 9-12 month old while the baby is still a newborn, be sure to give the parents a gift receipt so they can exchange the clothing if necessary. Another great idea is to simply give the parents a gift card so they can buy what they need for their new little one. If you don't live near the new parents, make sure you give them a gift card to a major retailer like Target or JCPenney so they can use it in their town.

Dressing Your Baby Girl in Bargains

If you are searching for the perfect outfit for your own baby girl and you love bargain hunting, you'll have several options to pursue.

girl clothes

End of Season Sales

Most sale items are typically placed on racks at the back of the store. If you have a favorite clothing store in your area, become familiar with their markdown schedule and try to buy baby girl clothes at the end of a season in sizes that are large enough for your little one to grow into. Lots of stores typically begin with 30 percent markdowns and drop their prices from there. If you aren't sure exactly what size your little girl will be wearing in a year, buy a couple of different sizes. Keep the tags on the items and, if they don't fit next year, sell them at a consignment shop or an online auction, such as eBay.

Consignment Shops

Checking out your local consignment shop is a great way to add to your baby girl's wardrobe. Not only can you find great bargains on clothes that have barely been used, but you can also sell some of your baby's clothes there and use the profits you make to buy more sale items.

Yard Sales

While you may have to get up pretty early in the morning to find the best selection at yard sales, it can definitely be worth the effort. You can often find items that are gently used or new for a fraction of the original cost. Be careful, however, to check the clothing carefully for stains or small holes before you purchase them.

Online Auctions

Searching for baby girl clothes in an online auction means you can shop in the comfort of your own home. You'll usually find a large selection at sites like eBay, but make sure you only buy from a seller with a positive feedback rating. Since you won't be able to inspect the clothing before you buy it, it's important to purchase from someone who has a good reputation.

Budget-Smart Shopping

Your baby girl can be the best dressed baby on the block even without spending a fortune. Once you get into it, the bargain hunting can be a lot of fun. Explore all your shopping options. The bargains are out there just waiting for you!

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Tips for Choosing Baby Girl Clothes