Adorable Baby Imprint Crafts: Hands, Feet and Fingers

Make a special keepsake for your baby.

A baby imprint craft makes a wonderful keepsake to remind you how small your child once was.

Baby Souvenir Ideas

Baby handprint and baby footprint crafts are fun to make. You can keep them for yourself or give them as gifts to anyone involved in your child's life. Here are a few projects you may wish to consider to preserve your precious newborn memories:

  • Frame a photo of your child next to his/her handprints and footprints for instant personalized wall art.
  • Make baby handprint or footprint stationary to use when writing thank-you notes for all the gifts your child has received.
  • Add baby handprints or baby footprints to a t-shirt that says "Grandpa's Little Angel" for a fun grandparent's day gift.
  • Make Grandma a unique stepping stone for her garden by adding your child's handprints or footprints to a kit purchased from your local craft store.
  • Make a concrete baby imprint paper weight to keep at your office as a special reminder of your child.
  • Add handprints or footprints to a plain piece of cloth, then sew a personalized pillow or quilt for your child's room.

Tips for Making a Clear Imprint

When using ink or craft paint for your baby imprint, keep in mind the following tips:

  • A thin, yet even, coat of color will produce the sharpest looking imprints.
  • Be careful not to wiggle or rock your child when making the imprint. Any excess motion will create smudges. For the clearest impression, you may even want to try the project when your child is sleeping.
  • When you're finished, clean your child's hands and feet with a baby wipe.

If you're placing your child's imprint in cement or plaster of Paris, here are a few suggestions to consider:

  • When using a craft kit, read all of the directions before you begin. It's important to make sure you've mixed the modeling material correctly.
  • If possible, get a friend to help you with this job. Babies are often not the most cooperative crafting partners!
  • Apply baby oil to your child's hand or foot to keep the material from sticking.
  • Work quickly to avoid unnecessarily upsetting your child.
  • Allow your imprint to dry in a cool area away from pets or other children.

Poems for Baby Imprint Crafts

Once you're finished with your imprint, consider adding a poem to the baby memorabilia design. Here are a few ideas:Sometimes you get discouraged,
Because I am so small
And leave my little fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But everyday I'm growing
And soon will be so tall
That all these little fingerprints
Will be difficult to recall.
So here's a little handprint
That you can put away
So you will know how my fingers looked
On this special day.
--Author Unknown

Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play,
That never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start,
Will reach out to tomorrow, yet always hold your heart.
--Vicki Kuyper

My little hands play patty-cake
They peek-a-boo and wave.
They catch me while I learn to walk
And splash me as I bathe.
My little hands reach up to you
For hugs before I sleep.
They fold together when I pray
The Lord my soul to keep.
My little hands are tiny now
But yours will serve to guide me.
When I'm grown, I'll still reach out
And know you're right beside me.
--Author Unknown

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Adorable Baby Imprint Crafts: Hands, Feet and Fingers