Baby Modeling Agencies

Susie McGee
Blanketed baby model posing for a photo

If you are interested in baby modeling agencies, be aware that there are many scam artists just waiting to take your money! There are many reputable agencies out there, but you need to do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Where To Start

You've been told over and over that your baby should be a model. You think you might be interested, but where do you begin? Be aware that there are many people advertising themselves as so-called baby modeling agencies who claim that they can get you lots of money if your baby models. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If you really are interested in starting your baby on a modeling career, you'll need to find a reputable agency that can assist you in the legalities and steps you must take. To begin, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Better Business Bureau: Check out any agencies that you are interested in by contacting the Better Business Bureau. Their site will list any alerts and complaints that have been filed against a company.
  • Magazine contests: Enter your child in modeling contests sponsored by legitimate magazines.
  • Local contests: Sometimes your local newspaper may sponsor a cute baby photo contest, and this would be a good way to build your baby's portfolio.

Finding Baby Modeling Agencies

How do you find the right baby modeling agencies? Keep the following points in mind:

  • Reputable and successful modeling agencies don't have to look for models. If you have an agency trying to recruit your baby, chances are they aren't for you!
  • Watch upfront fee requests. The modeling agency you use should get their money from commissions your baby has earned from real modeling jobs.
  • Don't fall for promises disguised by modeling classes or photograph sessions. Classes and photo shoots are how these companies make their money. They aren't going to be focused on procuring jobs for your little one!
  • A legitimate modeling agency should be available to multiple advertisers. This means that advertisers frequently choose the agency from a list, and your baby will be made available to a multitude of advertisers and jobs.
  • Call reputable companies that use agencies such as magazines, television and radio stations, etc.
  • Avoid agencies that want you to use a specific photographer.
  • Watch out for agencies that promise exorbitant amounts of money. While your baby may eventually break into big time modeling, she will more than likely start out with smaller paychecks.
  • Look for an agency that cares about the treatment of your baby during photo sessions.
  • Be aware that there could be excessive travel fees, so find out what expenses will be covered before you sign.

More Resources

Finally, check out the following Websites for more insight into baby modeling:

As with anything else you do, trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, and you should move onto to a new avenue! Don't be overcome by empty promises of fortune and fame.

While modeling can be a lucrative way to put money in a savings account for your baby, always be aware of the fine print! It might pay for you to consult your own attorney before signing anything as well!

Baby Modeling Agencies