Baby Name Generator Using Parents' Names

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Choosing a name for an infant is a special, fun-filled process. A baby name generator with parents' names can help spur ideas for a creative or meaningful name. In the past, a long-standing tradition was to name a son (typically the first born) after the father. In modern times, however, daughters are often named after mothers as well. Parents are increasingly choosing to name a child, whether male or female, with a blended name that reflects one or both parents.

Generate a Blended Baby Name Quickly and Easily

This baby name generator with parental name input is one fun way to combine the mother's and father's names to make a blended baby name.

This unique name creator tries to combine as many letters from each parents' name to come up with a list of baby names. It also offers suggestions for similar names based on combined spelling. Enter the mother's and father's first names, choose a boy or girl, and click find to generate a list of baby names. This name combiner for baby names relies on the social security database in order to calculate potential names for the child that are compatible with, or make use of, the parents' names. It is designed to work as a name combination generator from two names.

More Baby Name Generators Using Parents' Names

For couples looking to name their baby after one or both parents, a name generator with parents' names can be the resource of choice. These tools can help parents-to-be by giving creative options for names. Parents may want to use this for either a first name or choosing a middle name. Be aware that while some generators have a program that mixes the letters or parts of parents' names for the generated name, some sites may choose names at random, and they may not reflect any element of the parents' actual names. A few baby name generators that analyze parents' names include:

  • Web Blazonry Name Generator: This simple generator simply asks for input of one or both parents' names and baby's gender, and gives a resulting first and middle name. The results are random and do not reflect the actual parents' names. The generator is fun and can be used multiple times because each time you enter parents' names, new names are generated.
  • Baby Name Scramble: This name generator combines two names to make one blended name. It asks for the names of both parents and combines the two names to make one for a baby. Based on the names you enter, it provides a list of female and male name results that were created from a database and use one letter from each of the parents' names.
  • Best Little Baby Generator With Parents' Names: This tool asks for the names of the mother and father, baby's gender, and desired origin (English, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, etc.). The result is a fairly large list of names that use at least one letter of each parent's name in the resulting name. Choosing a different origin yields an entirely different list of names, so there are plenty of name ideas to look through.

Generating Your Own Baby Names Using Parents' Names

If you're not satisfied with the results from online baby generators, you can create your own unique baby name lists utilizing parents' names. This isn't as difficult as it may seem - sometimes all it takes is a little creativity. Sit down with a pen, paper, and a book of baby names or Internet listing of names and get ready to be creative. Strategies to generate names using one or both parents' names include:

  • Browse through listings and highlight those that have one letter from each parent's name. (For example, parents' names are Jason and Amy, child's name might be James (male) or Jamie (female).
  • Browse through names that begin with the same letter as one parents' name.
  • Name the child after a version or variant of the name of the parent of the opposite sex (For example, dad's name is Michael, names daughter Michele or Michaela; mom's name is Julie, names son Julian; dad's name is Ryan, names daughter Riana).
  • Come up with an original name that combines parts of both parents' names in the name. (For example, Dad's name is Dan, mom's name is Sherri, daughter's name is Sheridan; dad's name is Joseph, Mom's name is Melanie, daughter is named Lanie Jo).
  • Combine parts of middle names with first names for a unique baby name reflecting one or both parents.

These exercises will allow you to come up with unique baby names from which to pick a lovely name for your child that combines elements of the mother's and father's names.

Thinking Outside the Box for a Unique Baby Name

Giving babies blended names made through combining elements of the mother's and father's names is a popular baby name trend, but there are other ways to incorporate parents' names into deciding what to call your baby. Whether you decide to ultimately go with a blended name for your little one based on a name generator that uses parents' names, using these tools and thinking outside the box will surely inspire some wonderfully unique name options. If nothing else, having fun with these name generating tools and ideas can help make the baby naming process more fun!

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Baby Name Generator Using Parents' Names