Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

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This great baby shower game focuses on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenting. There are a few variations of the game, but the gist of it involves matching stages of baby's growth and birth to specific candy bars. You've probably never made the connection between pregnancy and birth to the names of candy bars, and neither have many of your shower guests.

Candy Match Baby Shower Game

The purpose of this game is to have guests fill out a paper that matches terms related to pregnancy and childbirth with the name of a candy bar or how the candy bar looks. For example, the word "pacifier" might be matched with Ring Pop candy. For this variation, you don't actually have to have the candy bars on hand. The goal is to get as many candy bars that match the term as possible. So, for each word, you could have more than one answer and score multiple points.

How to Set Up the Game

  • Print out multiple copies of the answer sheet below. Alternatively, you can make up a list of words having to do with pregnancy or child birth to give to the guests - but be sure to leave plenty of space for guests to write.
  • You may also want to print a list of candy bar names, so that guests can look and see what might fit. This may help the game go along more smoothly in the event that no one can think of any candy bar names.

How to Play and Score

  • Give the guests about three minutes to play the game. Either keep time, or assign someone to do it for you.
  • Have guests list as many candy bar names as possible that could be linked to each of the terms. For some, there may only be one name that fits, but for others there may be several options. For example, poopie diaper might be matched with Tootsie Roll or Milk Duds.
  • Guests get one point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins.

Because it might be difficult for some guests to think of various candy bar names, you could have guests play in pairs or teams. You might be surprised to discover that guests come up with quite a few candy bar names, including some you haven't thought of! For a simpler way to play, print out the list of candy bar names and a list of pregnancy and childbirth terms for players to match.

There are printables located in the thumbnails below. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Game Variation

The purpose of this game is the same as the first variation, but you will use actual candy bars both for identification and as door prizes.

How to Set Up the Game

  • Purchase two of each candy bar you want to use.
  • Fill a bowl with one of each candy bars to use as prizes for the winners.
  • Tape or glue the remaining bars to a poster board to display to guests.
  • You may print out the cards of candy bar names, and cut the cards apart so you can draw names out of a bowl.

How to Play and Score

  • You can either hand each guest a sheet of paper with the clues listed on the paper, or hand the guests a blank sheet of paper, and call out the clues. Guests should then match the clues to the candy bar.
  • Keep a list of answers on hand to see how your guests do, and give quick hints if they get stuck.

  • Since you'll have visual cues available, you may find that there are multiple guests who get all the answers correct. So, to score this game, you are going to look both at who completes the entire list and how fast they complete it. The first person to complete the list should yell out "Candy bar!"

  • Pause the game, and check to see if the answers are correct. If they are, declare that person the winner. If not, continue to play until someone gets all the answers.

Baby Shower Fun

Baby shower celebrations are always fun, even if all you do is visit with shower guests and watch the mom-to-be open her gifts. However, incorporating a few games into the mix adds an extra element to make the shower memorable. There is a seemingly endless list of options. From the candy bar games described here to diaper games, active games, or many other printable games, there are plenty of great options. Baby shower games often break the ice among those who aren't well-acquainted, and they provide an opportunity for prizes to be given and shared among participants. The laughter that accompanies these games is just a bonus. Choose games that are simple to play and don't require complicated instructions.

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game