Baby Shower Cards

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It's always nice to enclose a note with your shower gift, and free, printable cards are a great, affordable solution. You can print these designs at home, add a special message, and present them with your gift. You can also find baby shower cards available for purchase in stores and online. Do note that in order to print the cards, you will need the latest version of Adobe installed. If you don't have it, you can download it for free, here.

Free Printable Baby Shower Cards

It's easy to print these free cards from LoveToKnow. Here's how to do it:

  1. Choose the card design you like best.
  2. Click on the image of the card to download it to your computer.
  3. Print the card on your computer.
  4. Cut it out and write your personal message inside.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Making a Card

You can also make a shower card using a few simple craft supplies. This is another fun, affordable way to show the mom-to-be how much you care. Choose from three exciting designs, each of which are easy to make and won't take a lot of time.

Buying a Shower Card

Another option is to purchase a card for the baby shower. You can find cards at any local drugstore or supermarket, or you can buy a card online from one of these retailers.


Papyrus is a great place to look for special cards. You'll find designs that are appropriate for both boys and girls, all of which have a cool modern style and unique touches. Most cards retail for between $5 dollars and $10.

  • The Happy Shower Rainbow Drops Card is an adorable unisex design that features colorul raindrops. It retails for about six dollars.
  • The Fabric Umbrellas Card is another exciting choice. It features brightly-colored, handmade fabric umbrellas, flowers, buttons, and the words "baby shower." It retails for eight dollars.

Paper Source

Although it doesn't have the selection of Papyrus, Paper Source has some beautiful baby card designs that will be perfect for any shower. The contemporary style of these cards makes them a hit with younger moms-to-be, and they feature cool details as well. Most retail for between three and six dollars.

  • The Penguin Little One card is a sweet choice that would work for either gender. It features rows of aqua penguins, one of which has a tiny baby penguin and a red heart. It retails for five dollars.
  • The Bun in the Oven card is an awesome retro choice. It features a pink, vintage-style stove with the word "bun" written in the oven window. It retails for five dollars.


Hallmark makes many of the cards you see in local stores, and they also offer a huge selection of designs for sale online. Unlike buying in the store, you can customize the message before the card is printed. Most cards cost around four dollars.

  • The Little Rey Lion card is a nice gender-neutral choice with a cute baby lion. You can customize with the first names of the parents-to-be. It retails for about four dollars.
  • The New Little Sweet Pea card is another cute unisex option. It features a peapod with a mom, a dad, and a tiny baby pea. It retails for about four dollars.

Sharing the Excitement

Whether you choose to use a free, printable card, make a greeting, or purchase a shower card in a store or online, the sentiment is what's important. Including a sweet card with your gift will show the mom-to-be that you share her excitement about her upcoming arrival.

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Baby Shower Cards