Baby Shower Clip Art to Use on Invitations and More

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Designing baby shower invitations, announcements, and thank you notes with clip art isn't as difficult as you might think. You can create the look of custom baby shower invitations with just a few clicks. Everyone will want to know where you found such unique invitations. Download some clip art today, and start designing.

Free Baby Clip Art

Use any of these free baby shower clip art images to design invitations, place holders, games or anything you can imagine. Just right click on an image to save it to your computer as a .jpg file. Then you can add it to any project you need to customize.

baby stroller clip art
stork baby clip art
flowers clip art
baby duck clip art
baby bear clip art
baby balloons clip art
baby bottle clip art
baby dress clip art
onsie baby clip art
umbrella clip art
safety pin clip art
baby rattle clip art
baby binky clip art

More Places To Find Clip Art

Searching for baby shower clip art isn't hard; you'll discover that there many different places to find some great art. Check out the following clip art websites to find some additional free images:

  • Webweaver: Webweaver has several different free baby clip art images and animations. These include nursery signs, baby toys, bibs and booties.
  • Clipart Guide: Clipart Guide has dozens of cute images to choose from. These include silhouettes of babies in different poses, storks and fraternal twins as well as angels, and generic baby graphics like stars and moons.
  • Baby Crayons: Baby Crayons has free clip art images perfect for use for baby showers. These include swaddled babies, babies with blocks, angel babies and more.
  • The Printable Baby: This subscription site allows you unlimited access to their baby themed clip art, borders, invitations and announcements for a very small subscription fee.

Using Clip Art for a Baby Shower

Clip art for baby showers has a lot of different uses, including:

  • Invitations: Baby shower invitations are typically ordered online or at a local print shop, but you can also design your own using clip art at home.
  • Announcements: Once your newborn has arrived, you'll want to let the world know. Use clip art to design your own special announcement.
  • Thank You Notes: Another great way to use baby shower clip art is on thank you notes. Choose the designs that you love and either print all of the copies on your computer or have the design copied and printed at a local print shop.

Clip Art Dos and Don'ts

While using baby shower clip art is relatively simple, there are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a theme to work from by looking for pieces of art that coordinate. You may be able to incorporate several clip art pictures as long as they all relate.
  • Don't overdo it. The most important aspect of an invitation or announcement isn't the picture but the information. Use the art to enhance your card, not overtake it.
  • Font and color matter. Keep your font consistent throughout the invitation or announcement.

The object of using clip art is to enhance and embellish your other designs. Choose wisely, and you'll have shower stationary that everyone will remember.

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Baby Shower Clip Art to Use on Invitations and More