12 Active Games for Baby Showers

Susie McGee
women at a baby shower

Looking for the perfect baby shower game ideas to get the party moving? There are many great games and activities that are perfect to add to your celebration and will be fun for all your guests. When planning the shower, don't forget to purchase some favors to give the winning players!

Fun and Active Baby Shower Games

Consider adding a few of these modern, action-oriented games to your baby shower to entertain your guests:

Drop the Potato

You'll need to use several jar sizes, and you'll need one potato. Place the largest jar in the middle of the room. Each guest places the potato in between her knees and tries walking to the middle and dropping the potato in the jar. Whoever does it, stays in. Start with a big jar and get gradually smaller until you have a winner.

What Did She Say?

Change the Baby

You'll need several baby dolls to play this diaper changing game. Each baby will need to be dressed, including a bonnet, socks or booties, and a diaper. You'll also need baby wipes, extra diapers, and baby powder. For added fun, the diapers can be "dirty." A dirty diaper might have a scoop of peanut butter for added fun!

  1. To start the game, divide the group into teams, have the babies dressed and across the room on a table.
  2. The first person on each team will undress baby, if the baby has a dirty diaper, that person should clean the baby with a diaper wipe and place the baby on the table.
  3. She should then return to the team, and the next person will dry off baby, powder and diaper bottom, dress the baby.
  4. The next person will remove baby's clothes, wipe baby's bottom, and place baby on the table.
  5. The first team whose members have all cleaned and diapered baby wins!

Bottles Up!

For this active drinking race game, you'll need to fill several four-ounce baby bottles with water or juice, and hand a bottle to every guest. Guests are then told to drink the bottle as fast as possible. Whoever finishes first wins! This is a great game for a baby shower attended by women and men, as well as for a ladies-only event. It's a great game to play with a large group, as you can have as many participants as there are baby bottles. Video the faces or take pictures for even more laughs! Practical jokers may want to seal one bottle closed before handing it to an unsuspecting guest!

Cutest Baby Contest

This game really needs to be played at a couples' baby shower. Wives should be told ahead of time to bring some items to use to dress their "babies." These babies are actually their husbands! Let each couple go into another room for the wives to dress their "babies." Give prizes for the "prettiest," "cutest," "ugliest," etc.

Word Scramble Game

For this game, the hostess will need to take ten to fifteen common baby item words and scramble the words on a sheet of paper. Guests are each given the scrambled word list and a specified amount of time to unscramble the words. The person with the most unscrambled words at the end of the time limit wins. Baby trivia is another fun word-based activity for baby showers.

Bowling Baby Bottles

distracting mom

Arrange ten baby bottles in a triangle shape. Have each guest "bowl" with a small ball. The guest who has the highest score wins a door prize.

Stuffed Shirt

Blow some small sized balloons up and have guests try to stuff their shirts with the balloons. The guest who can stuff the most balloons wins!

Pin the Diaper

Draw a large picture of a baby on a poster board. Create a diaper out of construction paper, and place double-sided tape on the back of the diaper. Blindfold guests and have them try to place the diaper on baby's bottom. This is one of many diaper theme games appropriate for a baby shower.

Ring Toss

Set up a series of bottle nipples on a flat surface. Be sure you allow several inches between each nipple. Now have guests stand back several feet and try to toss nipple rings so that they'll land on the nipple. This can be very difficult but fun!

Distracting Mom

Have two or three guests compete at the same time. The object of this game is for each of the competitors to complete a list of tasks, such as filling baby bottles, changing diapers, and folding clothes, in the quickest amount of time and despite all of the distractions. The "distractions" will be other guests shouting out things, such as "Supper is burning!", "The baby is crying!", "Answer the doorbell!"

Pregnant Relay Races

Take a large pair of men's pants and find some items that can be strapped onto guests' middles (inside the pants) that add not only bulk, but also weight. Have a relay race in which teams have to not only run, one guest after another, but also have to transfer the "baby weight" and pants between each guest's trip through the course. This is one of the funniest baby shower games ever! Lots of laughs are sure to result.

Baby Races

You'll need to have a few guests bring baby strollers and toy dolls to the shower for this idea. Have a relay race where a few teams try to be the quickest at strapping the doll into the stroller, running a certain course, and then taking the baby out and handing it to the next member of the team, who straps it in and off she goes. Any team that doesn't keep all four wheels of the stroller on the ground is disqualified! To take the game to the next level, consider setting up an obstacle course for the racers to complete!

Fun for All

Baby shower games can break the ice at the shower and get your guests mingling and laughing together in no time, especially when you choose action-oriented games that get guests up and moving around. Games are a great way to add an element of fun to your baby shower, whether the event is for ladies only or if both women and men will be in attendance. Of course, you may also want to incorporate some more traditional printable baby shower games into your celebration. The right games for your mom-to-be and guests can turn any shower into something fun and unforgettable.

12 Active Games for Baby Showers