Unique Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts for Dad

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Dads have a very important role in a new baby's life, so it's natural that they should receive a few gifts at the shower. Whether you're attending a couple's shower or simply want to send a little something home for the dad-to-be, these gift ideas will inspire you to find the perfect present to show the new dad you share his excitement.

Great Shower Gift Ideas for New Dads

Having a new baby can be overwhelming for both moms and dads, but there are a few gifts you can give to dads-to-be to make those first few months a little easier and more fun. Consider some of these exciting options.

Masculine Diaper Bag

Even though diaper bags have been getting more attractive in recent years, many are still designed with women in mind. Floral prints, metallic details, and handbag shapes are great for moms-to-be, but they can leave Dad feeling a little awkward. Buying him a diaper bag that isn't as feminine is a great way to help him feel confident and stylish when he's out and about with the new baby. Fortunately, there are lots of great masculine diaper bags to choose from:

  • MLB Diaper Bag - Sports team diaper bags are emblazoned with the logo of Dad's favorite MLB team. Each has plenty of room for all the baby essentials, a carrying strap, matching changing pad, stroller straps, and all the other necessities. The average price is $30.
  • TBG Deuce 2.0 Tactical Diaper Bag- This manly twist on a classic diaper bag from Tactical Baby Gear is made to endure years of wear and will still be in great condition after the baby years, making this a very pragmatic gift. It has an over-the-shoulder strap and carrying handles to fit your carrying preferences. Small outer pocket and removable dividers offer plenty of room for all of your baby's essentials. It retails for $80.
  • Sherpa Baby Backpack Diaper Bag - This backpack-style diaper bag from looks more like hiking equipment than baby gear. It includes an integrated cooler, insulated bottle pocket, changing pad, pouches for all baby's gear, and a compartment for Dad's electronics. This hands-free design retails for about $70.

Tools to Get Ready for Baby

In the months and weeks before the baby's arrival, new dads are often very busy around the house. From putting together the crib and baby gear to painting the nursery, fixing up the house, and child-proofing, the dad-to-be is sure to have his hands full. You can make his tasks a little easier with a few essential tools. Consider some of the following ideas:

  • Home Tool Kit - This 65-piece tool kit available from Walmart has everything Dad needs to assemble baby furniture and fix things around the house. Tie the handle with a pink or blue bow, and you'll have a baby gift he'll use for many years to come. The kit retails for just under $70.
  • Childproofing Kit - The Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit from Walmart includes all the essentials for keeping baby safe. Dads will love having outlet covers, cabinet locks, doorknob covers, and more, all in one handy place. It retails for about $7.
  • Knee Pads - As he assembles all the new baby furniture, as well as the swing, high chair, and other gear, Dad will be spending a lot of time kneeling. Help him out with some comfortable knee pads, such as these flexible ones from Home Depot. They retail for about $16.

Helpful Books

Most new parents wish that a baby came with some kind of instruction manual. While there's no book out there that will answer every question he has, there are some great titles that can give a first-time dad the advice and support he needs as he adjusts to his role. These books make wonderful baby shower gifts:

Be Prepared book
Be Prepared book
  • Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg - This handy book offers advice for expectant fathers on everything from changing a baby in a sports stadium to coming up with something to use as a diaper when you find yourself without one. It retails for about $13.
  • The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish - From a glossary of baby terms to tips for surviving on little sleep, this guidebook has plenty of helpful advice for dad during the newborn and toddler years. It retails for under $10.
  • The New Dad's Playbook by Benjamin Watson - Written by a Super Bowl champion, this blunt book helps dads understand pregnancy and fatherhood from a team perspective. It retails for about $9.

Hospital Scrubs

During delivery, lots of dads end up stuck in uncomfortable office clothing for hours on end. While this discomfort isn't anywhere as serious as what the new mom experiences, a great pair of hospital scrubs can help the new dad feel comfortable and better able to support the mom-to-be during labor. The following options are fun:

  • Scrubs & Beyond - Scrubs & Beyond carries a selection of men's scrubs that are anything but boring. They come in several stylish patterns, as well as scrubs with Star Wars, Spiderman and Avengers themes. These scrubs retail for between $18 and $38.
  • Custom Scrubs - You can create custom scrubs with the dad-to-be's name and role, as well as clip art images, at Custom Ink. The scrubs come in four colors and sizes small through extra large. Price depends on the design.

Funny New Dad T-Shirts

You can give the new dad a laugh, as well as something to wear when you choose a funny t-shirt as a shower gift. Consider some of these hilarious options:

  • I'm the Daddy T-Shirt - Available in several color combinations, this t-shirt is perfect for the new dad who wants to brag about his baby. It comes in sizes small through 5XL and retails for about $30.
  • I Make Adorable Babies T-Shirt - This T-shirt for Dad is black with white block printing and comes in dad's sizes small through 3XL. It retails for about $25.
  • Real Men Change Diapers T-Shirt - This cool t-shirt from CafePress comes in several colors and sizes small through 3XL. You can also order tall sizes. It retails for $19.

Cool Gifts for Expectant Dads

Help the new dad celebrate his elevated parental status day after day with these cool gift ideas.

  • New Dad Survival Kit - Dads who take on their fair share of child-rearing duties will be stressed and tired just like new moms. This fun little kit comes in a durable and masculine diaper bag filled with needed items like snacks, caffeine, ibuprofen, vitamin packets, and some reading material for the wait at the hospital. The kit costs about $130.
  • New Dad Personalized Beer Bottle Labels - Get a set of 6 personalized bottle labels for about $8. Each label features the new dad's name and a different baby event such as "first diaper blowout." Even if the dad doesn't drink beer, you can attach these labels to water or pop bottles.
  • Dad Photo Collage Travel Mug - Help the new dad show off his fatherly pride wherever he goes with this 16-ounce stainless steel travel tumbler. The mug can feature four photos with messages to show off the new baby. The personalized tumbler sells for about $45.

Include the Dad-to-Be

From apparel to practical tools, there are lots of great shower gifts out there that can help expectant fathers feel like they're part of the action. Buying the dad-to-be a special gift is a great way to include him in the festivities of the baby shower.

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