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How to Make Baby Shower Mad Libs

Susie McGee
baby shower Mad Libs

Baby shower Mad Libs can turn a boring baby shower into a hilarious afternoon of fun!

What Are Mad Libs?

Mad Libs have been around since 1953, when they were introduced by Leonard Stern and Roger Price. These witty word games continue to be enjoyed by party participants today.

Mad Libs are simple to create. In essence, a Mad Lib is a story that is filled with strategically placed blanks. While you can create different versions of this game, the basic strategy is the following:

  1. Create a list of words or definitions, and hand each person a copy of these. For example, you could put parts of speech, such as "verb", "adjective", or "adverb". You could also simply fill in each blank with the type of word you are searching for, such as "body part", "name", etc. Then players replace that word with one of their own.
  2. Players must then fill in the blanks with whatever words they choose. They should work individually, however, so that each person has a different list of answers.
  3. Players should then be given a story that has blanks placed throughout the story. The blanks should be in the same order as the terms or definitions, so that words that have been chosen can be placed into each blank to help finish the story.
  4. Participants can then take turns reading their stories out loud. Be prepared for lots of laughter while the stories are read!

Creating Baby Shower Mad Libs

Keep in mind that the stories can revolve around the theme of the party. This is especially easy to do for baby shower Mad Libs. If you want to write your own baby shower Mad Libs, think about what you want to put into your story. Stories could focus on the following topics:

  • Pregnancy-Create a story about the parents-to-be finding out they are pregnant, or write one about the mom-to-be informing her partner that she is expecting a baby.
  • Labor and Delivery-Create an amusing story about a woman's water breaking, her labor at the hospital, her husband's reaction as he witnesses the birth of the baby, etc. Numbers that can be inserted into the blanks can be particularly amusing. For example, if you put a blank beside baby's weight and/or height, a number like 40 or 80 will be hilarious when read aloud.

Mad Lib Games

The following baby shower Mad Lib game is hilarious when read out loud:When Sally (substitute the guest of honor's name for Sally) found out she was pregnant, she was (adjective). She immediately told her husband, Mark (supply husband's real name). His reaction was one of (adjective). As her pregnancy progressed, Sally began to feel as big as a (noun). Finally, she went into labor. Her contractions were coming every (number) minutes. She had already gained (number) pounds during her pregnancy, and it was difficult for her to (action verb). Still, she was feeling very (adverb) about the impending birth of her baby.

Sally and Mark got into their (noun) and (action verb) to the hospital. Their doctor met them at the door and realized that Sally would have the baby very soon. He immediately sent them to a (noun) to get settled in. The nurses measured Sally's (noun) and found them to be (number) minutes apart. She was feeling extreme pain in her (body part). It was almost time for Sally to (action verb). The doctor instructed her to (action verb) and after (number) minutes, the baby was born.

While Sally was admiring her new baby however, Mark had just (action verb) out. The nurses had to give him some (noun) to revive him. Finally, Mark was able to see his new son, and he remarked at what beautiful (color) hair and (color) eyes he had. He was also glad to see that he had (number) fingers and (ten) toes. Sally and Mark looked into each other's (noun) and smiled.

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