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Baby Shower Sayings to Use in Cards and Invitations

Baby shower saying on gift tag

Sometimes finding the right words for your baby shower invitation, advice card, or thank you note can be a challenge. Babies are so wonderful that even the most eloquent host is left searching for the perfect way to express herself. These original baby shower poems and sayings can help you make that baby shower extra special.

Baby Shower Verses for Invitations

Your baby shower invitation sets the tone for the entire shower. When you're designing your invitation, choose a poem or saying that really represents your party. Pick whimsical or funny verses for lighthearted gatherings and more serious sayings for those grown-up get-togethers.

Baby By the Numbers

Ten little fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
Two beautiful eyes,
One button nose.
Nine months of waiting
Until baby shows,
A lifetime of love,
That only grows.

Boy or Girl?

Dollies and tea sets and dress-up hats,
Toy trucks, bugs, and baseball bats,
Will baby be a boy or a girl so fair?
Either way, this is joy we want you to share.

Gathering of Women

Mothers and grandmothers and aunts and friends,
Sisters and nieces and love to no end -
Come shower this new mommy with wisdom lifelong,
And show her she's capable, caring, and strong.

Simple Baby Shower Sayings

Sometimes, you only need a few words to express how you really feel. Short sentiments are perfect for writing in cards or attaching as favor tags. If you'd like to keep it short and sweet, try one of these simple sayings to express warm wishes to the new parent(s):

  • "Messier, louder, sweeter, softer, and more loveable than you could ever imagine."
  • "When you hold a baby for the first time, your heart opens like the bud of a flower."
  • "Having a child teaches you that the littlest things really make the biggest difference."
  • "Being a mother makes you doubt the things you think you know and teaches you lessons you'd never even imagined."
  • "Girls are more than sugar and spice, they're love and strength at its most precise."
  • "Being a boy mom shows you the best of both worlds, how to be tough and tender like a boy and like a girl."
  • "Warm wishes for your new family as that little ray of sunshine lights up your life."
  • "Babies are like tiny dictators you can't help but follow blindly."
  • "Always carry a diaper, cuz s#** happens!"
  • "Parenthood: the scariest place you'll ever live."

You may also want to choose wording from one of these newborn quotes or new baby congratulations messages.

Baby Shower Advice Messages for Mom

One popular baby shower tradition is to have guests write advice for the mommy-to-be. A special verse or saying can help inspire them to share their wisdom and experience about parenting. To use these sayings, print the words at the top of plain pieces of cardstock. Then leave a pen near the cards so guests can offer important insights about being a mom.

Wisdom and Experience

You've been there time and time again:
Sleepless nights, potty training, counting to ten.
If you've got some motherly wisdom to spare,
This mom-to-be would love if you'd share.

Secrets of Being a Mom

Colic and diaper rash and winter croup -
Tissues and ointment and chicken soup.
Skinned knees, disappointments, and lots of 'whys'
Band-aids, encouragement, and "give me five"
Know a few of the secrets to being a mom?
Help this new mommy be happy and calm.

Verse and Sayings for Thank You Cards

Not only is it proper baby shower etiquette to send out thank you notes for gifts, but it's also a great way for the mom-to-be to show the guests how special they made her feel. If you're hosting a shower, consider printing up some thank you notes with cute baby shower verses inside. The mom-to-be will appreciate your help.

Simple Thanks

Thank you for your gift, more than I can say,
And thank you for sharing my special day.

All That You Do

Ribbons and bows and baby gear,
Funny games, wisdom, and lots of good cheer -
I had a wonderful time, and I hope you did too.
Thank you so much for all that you do.

More Sources for Baby Shower Poems and Sayings

The Internet is a great place to find all kinds of sayings for your baby shower invitations or advice cards. If you're looking for some more ideas, try the following sites:

Express Your Excitement

With all the great baby shower sayings out there, it can be difficult to settle on one that perfectly sums up your feelings. Remember, the mom-to-be will love your shower, no matter how you word the invitations, advice cards, thank you notes, or other items. Ultimately, you only need to find a poem or saying that expresses the love and excitement you feel about this new little bundle.

Baby Shower Sayings to Use in Cards and Invitations