Printable Baby Shower Thank You Cards

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Your hostesses put a lot of work into creating the perfect shower for you. Now, it's your turn to do something nice for them. According to baby shower etiquette, you need to send thank you cards as soon as possible to express your gratitude for all the hard work your friends and family did to make your day special. You'll also need to thank all everyone who gave gifts for the baby. Make this task a little easier with a few helpful tips.

Download Free Shower Thank You Cards

If you're looking for a convenient and time efficient way to take care of your baby shower thank you notes, these free note cards are easy to download with Adobe. Two of the designs are suitable for guests who attended the event, and one is especially for whoever threw the shower for you.

  1. Click on the card you want, and print the front of the card.
  2. Turn it over (as though you were turning a page in a book), load the paper back into the printer, and print the second page with the wording.
  3. Fold the card vertically so the design is on the front and the wording is on the inside.

Tips for Writing Baby Shower Thank You Notes

While some expectant moms prefer to use pre-printed thank you cards, a more personalized note is always appreciated. Remember, the people who gave gifts spent their time and money searching for that perfect present to honor you and your baby. It's only right that you spend a little time showing how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. Keep the following tips in mind as you decide what to write.

  • Use the person's name - Acknowledging someone by name is more personal, so be sure you begin the thank you note as if you are writing a letter, which you are, even though it will be shorter than a typical letter.
  • Mention the gift - Hopefully someone at your shower made a complete list of your gifts and the name of the givers. Refer to your gift list and use the details listed there. For example, if you were given a pink sleeper for your baby girl, try to add any details when you refer to the gift, such as, "I love the pink sleeper with the precious purple and white flowers. It's so soft, and I know it will look adorable on our little Anna Claire." This lets the giver know that you noticed little details about the gift, and that you look forward to using it with your new baby.
  • Mention using the gift - You might also want to mention how you will use the gift with the baby. If it's clothing, write about when the baby will wear the clothing item. If it's some other baby item, write about how your baby will enjoy using the gift, such as a bouncy seat or a stroller.
  • Add a photo - In some cases, you may not receive the gift until after the baby is born. Why not take a picture of your child wearing or using the gift item and place it in with the baby thank you card? That way the giver will see just how much her gift was needed or wanted!

Examples of How to Say Thanks

Looking at some wording examples can inspire you to write thank you notes with eloquence.

Thanking Your Hostess

Dear Carla,

I can't thank you enough for the lovely baby shower. Everything was perfect, from the decorations to the games and the cute baby quilt cake. I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic and talented friend!



Dear Colleen,

I can't thank you enough for throwing such a fun baby shower. Everyone had such a good time, and I'm sure everyone is going to ask for your punch recipe. I also want to thank you for the baby swing. I know it's going to come in handy. Most of all, thanks for being an awesome sister who is always there for me.



Thanking Your Guests

Dear Aunt Mary,

I'm so glad you came to the shower. Thanks so much for the handmade quilt. It's beautiful and sure to become a family heirloom. We'll think of you every time we wrap the baby in it.

Your loving niece,


Dear Sheri,

I want to tell you again how much I love all the baby clothes. They are simply adorable, and I can't wait until I can try them all on the baby after he arrives. I'll be sure to send photos.

Thanks for being part of such a special day,


Buying Thank You Cards

You can easily buy packs of thank you cards at local department or discount stores. There are also a lot of baby shower thank you cards offered online. Check out the following sites for cards in a range of designs.

  • Baby Shower Stuff sells simply adorable baby shower thank you cards, and they all have space for you to add a personal note. Choose from cute themes like woodland creatures, monkeys, honey bees, and so many more.
  • Zazzle offers some unique thank you note designs, such as a vintage princess or prince baby, a baby Mad Hatter in Wonderland, a fall pumpkin baby.
  • Tiny Prints sells thank you cards with clever designs like zoo animals, bow tie baby, and designs that feature baby boy or girl themes.

Mail Those Thank You Cards Right Away

A small gesture of thanks will be appreciated even if you opened your gift at the shower and thanked the giver in person. Remember, you'll have even less time to sit down and work on thank you notes once the baby arrives, so get busy and mail them as soon as possible.

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Printable Baby Shower Thank You Cards