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10 Videos for Babies Who Love to Learn

mom and baby with video

Videos keep your baby occupied and can teach fun concepts like letters, colors and numbers. There are numerous options out there, including free and paid videos.

Raindrops: Sensory Learning

When babies are quite young and their sight is developing, the way they see images differs from how an adult sees them. Hey Bear created Raindrops, a sensory video. This video features high contrast images that are bright and sharp to draw in your baby. With slow movement and sound, your infant can take in the 25-minute show.

The show follows the sun and the moon throughout a few days and shows the viewer some clouds, raindrops, rainbows, flowers, and more. To an adult, the story line isn't extensive but to a baby the colors and motions are fun! The free video (available on YouTube) repeats at about 12 minutes but this is intentional to the design. For more videos, check out Hey Bear's YouTube channel.

Baby Lollipop Coloring Machine

Who doesn't want to learn colors? Baby Lollipop Coloring Machine is a 30-minute video which slowly teaches the concepts of colors in numerous ways. Whether your infant giggles at the lollipops or prefers eggs getting dyed, there is something for every baby. The music is upbeat, the colors are vivid, and the learning is easy with this video. This video has nearly 30 million views, which means it practically recommends itself! View online for free on YouTube.

Ten Little Shapes Jumping on the Bed

Help your child learn a nursery rhyme and review shapes with this entertaining video available for free on YouTube. Ten Little Shapes Jumping on the Bed shows circle, square, pentagon, star, oval, triangle, and others. Also, you learn about a heart because the doctor in the video is a heart shape. The video is repetitive and easy to learn. Ten Little Shapes comes highly recommended because it is made by Oh My Genius, a company dedicated to high-quality animated videos because there is a small genius in every tiny tot. This studio has earned more than 10 billion views on its network and regularly gets press mentions throughout the world.

After the starting song, the video reviews shapes and their characteristics, goes through letters, and covers other topics relevant to baby's learning. The length of this video is 47 minutes.

Baby MacDonald

With over 22 million views since its upload, Baby Einstein Baby MacDonald video has proved popular among parents and infants across the world! The free video (available on YouTube) runs 28 minutes and takes your baby through life on a real farm. You'll expose your infant to puppet shows, live action imagery, and even see happy babies laughing. There may be no bigger name in infant videos than Baby Einstein. This award-winning brand has a true place in the world of infant learning. If your infant likes this video, there are numerous others but the majority must be purchased.

Baby First Building Blocks

Made by the BabyFirst network, the Building Blocks episode of season 1 is a 25-minute show. This episode is popular because it focuses on the basics of learning through opposites. Your infant is exposed to the difference in a series of situations like day and night, big and small and loud and quiet. This video is different from all the options out there because of its topic, there isn't another video with diverse content such as this.

One of the best aspects of this show is you can watch anywhere. If you have Amazon Prime, this episode is free and if you don't it is $2.99 to purchase and download.

Elmo's World: Babies, Dogs, and More

This classic series helps your child develop skills of all types. Elmo's World: Babies, Dogs, and More is narrated by Elmo, one of the most beloved Sesame Street characters. An infant will love the pictures and images of babies on the screen and a toddler will learn about animals and babies. The run time of this DVD is 50 minutes and it is available at for $7.99.

Once you introduce your baby to Elmo, you can work your way into other Sesame Street characters! Sesame Street is always a great idea, as it has won hundreds of awards including Outstanding Writing in a Children's Program and even Outstanding Achievement in a Children's Series.

Baby's Beginnings First Words

Teach your child her first words with the help of Baby's Beginnings First Words by So Smart! The 30-minute video features simple words ideal for babies about nine months old. Some words with their objects introduced in the video are "car," "ball" and "hat." For just under $13 and available on Amazon, learn and enjoy the music with your little one! This video won a Mom's Choice Award® for being among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

The Best of BabyFirst

Enjoy 120 minutes of footage with your child when you buy The Best of BabyFirst for your infant. This video includes rich content and serves as an introduction to the world for your baby. Some topics covered in this best of DVD are numbers, animals, colors, art, music and even classic fairy tales. Add this to your collection and know the content on the video was both created and supervised by top experts in the field.

The speed of the show is slow to better accommodate young brains. Let your baby use her imagination with this informational video made by BabyFirst, a studio committed to giving all babies a positive, meaningful and friendly start in life. If you like this BabyFirst video, there are several others on the market including Sweet Dreams and Baby Class. You can buy The Best of BabyFirst for just under $10.00 from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Baby View Classical Music

Want to help your child learn while also helping him fall asleep? Baby View Classical Music is a free video that runs over two hours of calming music and visuals designed for newborns. There are still frames in between some rhymes if you wish to stop the video once your baby falls asleep. The video has many positive reviews on YouTube, with one mom noting her five week old baby was so intrigued she stopped fussing and fell asleep in ten minutes.

This video uses classical music throughout. In a study conducted on the effect of classical music, researchers found the brain experiences a positive change in emotional states when music plays. Let your baby experience classical musical with this relaxing video.

Baby Signing Time

Starting with Volume 1 and moving through other DVDs in the collection, your infant can start learning sign language as early as three months of age with this set. Baby Signing Time is an award-winning collection designed to teach your baby to sign even before talking. The four volume collection costs $59.99 on the company website. The brand has been featured in NPR, Parents Magazine, The New York Times and more.

In addition to being a video for your baby, Baby Signing Time is a video and activity you can do together. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says infant sign language enhances communication.

Should Babies Watch Videos?

According to Mayo Clinic, a baby is more likely to remember information from a live presentation more so than from a video. This does not mean your child cannot watch videos. If you enjoy videos as entertainment, show them occasionally. The trick is moderation. There are several award-winning video series on the market, and these videos assist an infant's cognitive and intellectual development.

10 Videos for Babies Who Love to Learn