Babysitter Medical Consent Form


Having a babysitter medical consent form can be a good thing for both the parents of a child and the childcare provider. Both sides benefit from such a document, as this simple legal step can make a world of difference if an emergency situation should occur.

What Is a Babysitter Medical Consent Form?

A babysitter medical consent form is a simple and straightforward document that authorizes medical treatment for your child should it become necessary in your absence. Without this form, a childcare provider is unable to ensure your baby will receive prompt and effective medical care if needed. The only person legally able to give such permission is a parent, unless a form is on record. For this reason, many parents have a babysitter medical consent form filled out for every person who will be caring for their child, even if it is just for one evening out on the town.

Information Found on the Form

For a medical consent form to be valid, you can either use a professional template found online, or create your own. If you do draft your own, you will want to make sure it includes all necessary information. First and foremost, include a statement that authorizes medical intervention. An example would be, "In case of an emergency, I grant permission to (caregiver's full legal name) to make medical decisions for my children, whose information is listed below."

Next, list the full name of your child, his/her date of birth, the name and phone number of your regular pediatrician, and any pertinent medical information such as allergies and past surgeries. Repeat this information for each child in your family, as it is perfectly legal to include more than one family member authorization on the same form.

Next, include your personal information so the medical professional who treats your child will be able to easily contact you. Document your full legal name, phone number and address. Finally, sign and date the form, and have a witness do the same, so there is no doubt in regards to the validity of the consent form.

Who Uses Consent Forms

Any parent can create a consent form for any caretaker, and it is your right to require individuals to sign this piece of paper if they are caring for your child. Some parents may find it difficult to ask a friend or family member to sign such a document; however, it ensures the well being of your child while you are away, which likely supersedes any feelings of self-consciousness you may be experiencing.

If your child goes to a private daycare while you work, you will undoubtedly be signing a medical consent form. Legally, most childcare facilities must have these forms on record, and without them, they could lose their licensing. To keep all their ducks in a row, you will most likely be asked to sign this form the moment your child is enrolled in the care facility.

Lastly, if you have an older child, his/her elementary school, whether it is public or private, may have a medical consent form for you to fill out. Again, it comes down to legalities and will help guarantee your child will receive swift medical response to everything from a playground injury to sudden serious illness.

Forms for Caretakers

If you are on the other side of the fence and are working as a childcare provider, it is imperative you have a consent form ready for all families to sign before you begin caring for their child. Even if you are a high school student picking up babysitting jobs to earn some spending money, you should consider presenting your families with such a form before they ever leave you alone with the children. This will protect you legally, and also increase their confidence in your level of maturity and responsibility.

Making your own form is not difficult, but you can also find examples and print outs at the following sites:

Babysitter Medical Consent Form