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People and place names from the Bible have been used as inspiration for baby names throughout history. These unique names found or inspired by the Bible offer a modern take on an old tradition.

Baby Boy Names

Every version of the Bible is loaded with the names of men, some more famous and memorable than others. To find unique baby boy names in the Bible, look at lists of names for the sons of more recognizable men. There are plenty of Biblical boy names like Noah, Jacob, and Michael sitting high on the list of popular baby names, but you won't find most of these suggestions anywhere near those old favorites.


With a similar sound to the word Amen, this name is a shortened version of the name Amminadab found several times in the Bible. This noble name means "kin or friend of the prince" and gives your little guy instant likability. If you're looking to lead the next trend in modern takes on Biblical words, Ammin is a great option.


This Hebrew name loosely translates to "son of my nation" or "son of my people." In the Bible, Benammi (pronounced BEN-ah-me) is mentioned once and is the patriarch of the Ammonites in Genesis. This unique name is great for leaders born into a large family who places value on relationships above all else.


Meaning "in the shadow of God" Bezalel (BEH-za-lell) is a rare Biblical name for a boy surrounded by divine spirit. In the Bible, Moses gave Bezalel the knowledge and insight to be a great craftsman and was then tasked with building the first earthly dwelling for the Lord. Send your little guy into the world with a message about how he has blessed your life when you name him Bezalel.


Sometimes used interchangeably with Gershom in the Bible, Gershon (pronounced GER-shun or Ger-son) means "a stranger," or "person who will only stay a short while." In the Bible, Gershon is one of Levi's sons while Gershom is a son of Moses. This strong masculine name is great for those looking to give their boy a unique name with a more common nickname, as you could call him Shon.


Pronounced HAG-ee-ie or HA-gie, this name comes from the Old Testament. Haggai is one of the minor prophets who wrote a book urging exiled people to return to Jerusalem. The name means "festive" in Hebrew. Celebrate the life of your little guy with this fun name.


As the oldest of Noah's sons, Japheth (pronounced JAY-feth) is a Hebrew word meaning "expansion." Boys with an adventurous spirit or mobile family fit this name well. Since you can pronounce the name phonetically, it might be easier for your little guy than some other original Bible names.


This Hebrew word means "white," which can serve as a symbol for goodness, purity or judgment. In the Bible, Laban (lay-BAN) is mentioned once as a town and once as a man, the father to Jacob's wives. This simple name keeps with current trends toward names that are easy to say and that include the "n" sound.

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Kemuel appears three times in the Bible as a man's name and is reminiscent of the common name Samuel. The name's general meaning is "congregation or assembly of God." Parents with strong roots in their church community will love this communal name.


Pronounced NAY-hum, this Hebrew name means "one who comforts." As one of the Old Testament prophets, Nahum predicted the breakdown of Nineveh. If you've got a little sweetheart, a warm and sentimental name like this matches his kind personality.


Meaning "strength" or "vigor," Onan is a name mentioned only once in the Bible as the son of Judah. The name sounds similar to other strong male names like Odin from Norse mythology and Conan the Barbarian. If simple, strong and easy to spell are on your priority list, this name is for you.


As the 18th King of Israel, Pekah means "with eyes open" or "awakened." With a similar ring to Peter or Peeta, made popular by The Hunger Games Trilogy, this unique name won't sound out of place. Future scholars and philosophers carry this name well.


Shem is one of Noah's sons whose name literally means "name" in Hebrew. This name is short and easy to say, which makes it great for laid back little guys with distinct personalities.

Baby Girl Names

Popular baby girl names with Biblical references most often include words from the book, not actual names. For example, Grace, Genesis and Neveah all sit inside the top 100 girl names as of 2016. While there aren't as many females as males described in the Bible, there are still plenty of Biblical names to use for your baby girl. If you can't find a woman's name you love in the Bible, consider shortening a man's name or place name mentioned in the Bible.

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Noted as the first female named in the Bible after Eve, Adah (AH-Dah), has an old-fashioned feel to it. In Hebrew, the name translates loosely to "ornament" or "decoration." If you've got a beautiful little girl destined for greatness, this name, which sounds similar to the more common Ada, deserves a strong name like this.


Pronounced ah-EE-rah, this name literally means "unlucky." However, in the Bible Ahira was a chief and leader. Even though this gender-neutral name has mixed meaning, it sounds similar to the fictional superhero She-Ra. For those who don't believe in superstitions, this beautiful name is a great option.


Meaning "taken away from God," Athalia's Bible story is not a pretty one. Although she did serve as the only Queen of Judah, Athalia was famed for her murderous nature. One could see the value in her ability to rule in a world where women weren't meant to rule and turn this beautiful name into a symbol of feminine pride.


Gedaliah (gay-dah-LEE-ah) is a man's name appearing on several occasions throughout the Bible. The name means "made great by God" and gets a unique twist when you pronounce the last two syllables like the girl's name Leah. Your little girl will have a unique name, but a common and easy to say nickname if needed.


Meaning "incense," Keturah was the second wife of Abraham. This symbolism of rising, pleasant smoke translates to a person who is capable of rising to God. Help your little girl ascend in life with a meaningful name like this.


Mehetabel (pronounced MET-ah-bell) was the wife of Hadad and her name means "favored by God." If you're after an old-fashioned name unlike any other, Mehetabel might be your best choice. Resembling names like Marybelle and Isabelle, this original name sounds unique without being odd.


Merari was the son of Levi and became a great leader. The name means "bitter," but could also serve as a name of strength for one in tune with emotions. Although it was a man's name, the similarity to common female names like Mary, make it appropriate for girls.


Meaning "queen" Milcah (pronounced MIL-kah) is a strong Biblical name for girls. If you're looking for a creative and unique way to jump on the power name trend, Milcah is the way to go.


In the Bible, Nehushta (pronounced nay-HUSH-tah) served as an advisor to her son, Jehoiachin. The roots of this name lead to two possible translations of either "bronze in nature" or "full of shame." Parents looking for a name that sounds multicultural and similar to Natasha will love this one.


Sarai (pronounced sair-i) is the original name given at birth to the woman who was later named Sarah by God. The name literally means "princess" making it the perfect unique name for your little princess. As parents seek to change the spelling of old names to make them new, monikers like Sarai are great alternatives to common names.


Named as a sister to David, Zeruiah (pronounced zur-I-ah) is mentioned as the mother of three men in David's army. This name translates loosely to "pain of the Lord." Any little girl with potential to be a healer or caregiver can carry this name proudly.


Zephaniah is another man's name that sounds inherently feminine and thus works great for little girls. Meaning "hidden by God," this unusual name comes from the Old Testament. Miracle babies and rainbow babies are perfect candidates for this name since they were unexpected surprises in times of doubt.

Start Life With Special Meaning

A baby's name represents your interests, preferences, and hopes for his or her future. Choose a unique name to give your child an original identity using words and names from one of the most inspirational places, the Bible.

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