Children Adopted Each Year: Key Adoption Statistics

Children Adopted Each Year: Key Adoption Statistics

How many children are adopted each year? These numbers can vary according to the source of the statistics used and the basis for the adoption statistics. Some statistics only refer to the amount of children adopted… Keep reading »

In addition to the joys and challenges that come with adoption, you'll find that this process also requires a great deal of research. Fortunately, LoveToKnow Baby is here to help with unbiased, reliable information on everything you need to know about the adoption process. From choosing an adoption route to helping your new child become part of your family, this is the place to come for information you can trust.

Preparing to Adopt

Your research starts before you even begin your adoption journey. Learn about the things you need to know before you adopt a baby, and find out about how to choose an adoption agency to help you create your family. You'll also need to know about the process of selecting an adoption lawyer who can finalize your adoption.

It also helps to have an understanding of adoption statistics, so you can choose the best type of adoption for your situation.

Choosing an Adoption Path

There are many children waiting to be adopted, and there are dozens of ways for you to become an adoptive parent. It's important to understand as much as possible about the different types of adoption that may be open to you.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption, or adopting from your home country, is one possibility. Learn about how a child or group of children may become available through foster care adoption.

International Adoption

International adoption is another option that may work for you. In this case, you'll work with an international agency who will help you adopt a baby or child from another country. There are a number of countries who participate:

  • Learn about the process of adopting from China and the type of children that are available.
  • Decide whether Guatemala adoption is for you as you find out about the children and the process for that country.

Special Circumstances

These days, you don't have to fit the classic definition of a family in order to adopt a child. LoveToKnow Baby has done the research for you, so you can choose the best path for your specific situation:

  • Get the facts on single parent adoption, including who is eligible, where the children come from, and how the process may differ from traditional adoption.
  • Learn the latest information on gay adoption so you can decide which agencies and countries offer you the best path to becoming a family.
  • Find out about the unique process for adopting a child with Down's Syndrome or other special needs.

Learning About Life After Adoption

There's no doubt about it; adoption will change your life. It helps to know how to handle post-adoption depression and other emotional and practical challenges you might encounter, from breastfeeding an adopted baby to coping with developmental challenges in adopted kids.

It's also good to understand some of the joys of this exciting process, including the unique process of creating an adoption baby book to document your new child's first years as part of your family.

Count on LoveToKnow Baby

No matter what path you take or what you forever family looks like, adoption is an incredible process. You can count on LoveToKnow Baby to do the research for you and present the latest information in a way that's easy to read and understand. This leaves your mind and heart free to focus on expanding your family.