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100+ Nicknames for Your Son to Fit His Little Personality

100+ Nicknames for Your Son to Fit His Little Personality

The right nickname can tell the world how you feel about your little boy. Even though choosing a nickname for a son can feel overwhelming, there's no need to stress. There are basically endless options to pick… Keep reading »

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As expectant parents, unearthing the perfect name can be an overwhelming process. Our lists at LoveToKnow provide a productive resource for beginning this search. It seems like there's a revolution going on these days: new favorites, alternative spellings and names that never would have been considered a few years ago are becoming more common.

This subject is very important to nearly every expectant parent. Whether they are trying to be unique, honor a family member or friend or just suit baby's personality, new parents want to pick the best name for their baby. We offer help for finding the perfect name... before baby gets here! Find a time to discuss your preferences with your partner and research the important aspects of a name before you start looking. Is there a certain letter you want it to start with? How long or short do you want? Are there certain nationalities you want to highlight, such as African names, German names, or some other nationality? You'll find helpful resources here.

How to Start the Search for a Baby Name

Once you have identified the important aspects of a potential baby's name, start researching the lists. Take out a pen and paper to write down the ones that catch your eye. Try to not spend too much time thinking about the names at this point, simply formulate your own list of favorites. Some couples like to independently review lengthy inventories, come up with their own record and then compare. They then discuss their individual choices together, to come up with a mutual list.

Asking for Advice

Try to not discuss the baby names you are considering for your newborn with any friends and family, especially if they are your favorites or unique. Without even realizing it, people will show their immediate feelings either through comments or facial reactions. This will sway your opinion and render it more difficult to find a name, as you will never discover a baby name that pleases everyone. Once the baby is born and you announce the name to the world, very few people will find the fortitude to say something negative at that point.

Questions to Analyze Your Baby Name

Once you have narrowed your name search down to a manageable list, start to play with the names.

  • How does it look and sound with the child's last name?
  • What nicknames are possible and could I live with them?
  • Do we know anyone else with that name?
  • What ways might other children tease?
  • How does the name sound on a resume?
  • What different spellings are there?
  • Will it be difficult to pronounce or spell?
  • Is the name too trendy, will it stand the test of time?
  • What do the initials spell?
  • Can you imagine bellowing the name at the playground?
  • How does it sound as President?

Use these questions, plus many more to help you think through your choices and narrow it down to a couple of ideal possibilities.

The Day of Birth

Remember that many couples end up changing their favorite name once they actually meet their child. In the hospital after you have given birth, you have a couple of days to pick the perfect baby name. It is acceptable to have only narrowed the search to a couple of favorites before labor begins. Take the time while cuddling your new baby to try out different names to find the perfect one.

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