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Free Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Free Printable Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

If you're hosting a baby shower, it can help to have a few fun games on hand. Shower games can help break the ice, allowing guests to feel at ease and have a great time together. These free printable baby shower… Keep reading »

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Baby Shower Decorations

Planning the perfect baby shower is one of the exciting events that will surround the birth of a newborn. Showers can be simple affairs or over-the-top events, depending on wants and budget. When it comes time to plan a lovely baby shower, the to-do list will seem to be about a mile long. Feel free to do things your way, but consider a few staple shower aspects during your planning stages.

Create a Baby Shower Registry

Before you attend your baby shower, you'll want to create a baby shower registry. No guest will want to come to your party empty-handed, so you need to create a registry to help those who love you buy a baby gift that you need or want. Many brick-and-mortar stores, like Target and Burlington Baby Depot, will have anything and everything that a new mother and baby could ever desire. Baby registries can also easily be done online these days, saving pregnant moms' time while providing more gift options. Many stores will even offer those who create registries with them discounts and freebies.

Baby shower guests can get creative in their gift-giving. Instead of choosing something traditional off of the registry, they can turn to unique and practical baby gift ideas. Things like a year-long diaper subscription will be something that every mom will use, but none of them will be expecting!

Decide on a Locale

You can hold a baby shower just about anywhere. People seeking out small and intimate affairs might choose to have them at their home or in a small cafe. Expectant moms with large families and many friends might decide on a spacious hall for their shower. Large venues might also be appropriate for women who are holding a couples' shower. Showers can also be held outdoors when the weather cooperates.

With the current situation in the world trending towards living life online, virtual baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. These days, ladies can be showered with love, support, and gifts from the comfort of their own home.

Feel Out Food and Beverages

No party is complete without food and drinks, baby showers included. When planning the menu for a baby shower, ideas can range from small appetizers, to a classy brunch, to a buffet-style setup. You can get creative with concepts, playing with common baby-related themes, or you can keep dishes simple and straightforward. Whatever direction you go with regarding the menu, just make sure that you have enough to feed everyone.

You will want to have several beverage options at a baby shower, both boozy and non-alcoholic. Drinks can be incorporated into the theme of the baby shower easily. If you are having a little girl, consider whipping up a few batches of a pretty pink punch. For a boy, choose something yummy and blue. There are tons of fun and funky baby shower punch recipes out there that are both delicious and creative.

Satisfy Everyone's Sweet Tooth

Top off the menu with sweet treats for all to enjoy. Baby showers might include a theme-centered cake or intricate and delectable cupcakes. Mouthwatering dessert bars are another option that people are turning to because they are less formal and include so many items for guests to choose from. Treats can be homemade or purchased from a local baker.

Food table at a baby shower

Choose a Theme and Decor

Baby showers are synonymous with themes. Some parents-to-be choose to go all pink, all blue or stick with gender-neutral colors for their theme, while others use the decor in their baby's nursery to help inspire the look of their baby shower. Shower decorations can be homemade or store-bought, and they can be simple or extremely elaborate. Showers can take on a storybook theme, centering around books and literature, or they can be religious in nature or anywhere in between.

Incorporate Thought Into the Invitations

The purpose of a baby shower invitation is to let guests know when and where the event will take place. Invitations also hold other pertinent details that party guests may need to be informed of. The person throwing the shower should first choose an invitation style that complements their shower theme and personal preferences. Next, consider the wording of the invitation. Do you want it to be straightforward? This style might be best used for a work baby shower. Is it more up your alley to be funny with your invitation wording or cute and poetic? Choose an invitation style and wording that suits your shower type and your personality.

Plan Great Games That Guests Will Remember

Baby showers typically include food, drinks, gifts, and a couple of baby shower games. You have to keep guests entertained for several hours, so providing something fun to do is a must. Games may depend on the type of shower you are throwing. There are interactive virtual baby shower games to choose from, as well as active face-to-face activities that one can incorporate into their shower. Hosts can even turn to the internet and score themselves free printable baby shower games, saving a dollar. Many baby shower games result in a winner, so think about having easy prizes on hand.

Baby shower game

Involve Guests in the Memory

You will remember your baby shower for the rest of your life, so memorialize the day with thoughtful keepsakes that go way beyond a general guest book. Many smart guestbook alternatives involve baby shower guests and can duel as a book alternative and a baby shower activity for everyone to busy themselves with.

Fun Baby Shower Ideas

It is easy to get wrapped up in the fun and frills of the party planning, but remember to keep in mind why you are having the party in the first place. You are about to take on motherhood and welcome a child into the world. When you think about that momentous task, the party doesn't seem too big of a deal. Even if things don't pan out exactly how you envisioned or unforeseen issues force you to revamp your whole event, know that the party is simply a detail to the greatest party on Earth: parenthood.

Baby Shower Resources and Ideas