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Baby Shower

Article Highlight: Free Printable Baby Shower Games

If you're hosting a baby shower, it can help to have a few fun games on hand. Shower games can help break the ice, allowing the guests to feel at ease and have a fun time together. These free printable baby shower… Keep reading »

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Planning the perfect baby shower is one of the exciting events that will surround the birth of a newborn. Sometimes you might need a little help planning for that perfect shower, however, so read on for helps planning the perfect event to welcome baby!

Baby Gifts

The first places to search for a shower gift are department stores or specialty shops at which the expectant mother has registered. They typically have a list of items that she would like to have, and you can find gifts with ease by looking through the lists. Sometimes though, you'd like to find a present that is personalized or more unique. We can help!

Baby Shower Ideas

When you are planning a baby shower, it's always fun to get the guests involved as much as possible. You'll need to plan the theme, choose decorations, and select a cake. You'll also need to decide where to hold the shower and what activities you want to include. Shower games are great activities that can add some extra fun to the celebration. As you plan or help to plan a shower, you'll want to schedule several fun activities and games. For some great ideas, check out the article on baby shower games. You can invite guests to make videos of their best and worst baby advice, ask friends of the mother-to-be to write down memories of their own children, and even have a crafts corner, where guests can decorate picture frames, photo albums, and ornaments. Of course, you'll also want a scrumptious baby-themed cake for everyone to enjoy. Our articles will help you plan every detail so you can be the perfect host.

Shower Invitations

If you've ever searched for invitations for a baby shower, you know that there are a lot to choose from! How do you decide which ones to pick? If you are hosting the shower, first step get some input from the expectant mom. Is there a theme you have picked for the party or that the expectant mom wants? Will the shower be just for female guests or will it be a couples party? You will find options for virtually anything you want.

Online Showers

Do you have a friend or relative who has moved away and is expecting a baby? Maybe you are the one who is expecting, but you have several friends and relatives who live quite a distance from you. If either one of these scenarios is true, you might be interested in having an online baby shower. The Internet makes it possible for everyone close to you to share in the joy of the expected birth, even if they can't physically be with you. LoveToKnow Baby brings you information on this new trend.

Baby Shower