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What to Do if Your Baby Squeals During Naps

What to Do if Your Baby Squeals During Naps

If your baby squeals during naps, you likely have a healthy rambunctious infant on your hands. There are a few tips circulating the parenting world regarding how to achieve a more tranquil naptime experience… Keep reading »

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One of the biggest concerns for new parents has to do with how and when their new baby sleeps. As with adults, baby sleep habits vary widely from child-to-child. Get expert advice on what's normal, what you can do to help baby sleep, and what issues to look out for.

Baby Sleeping Environment

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all babies up to twelve months old sleep on their backs on a firm and safe sleeping area with no other items nearby. While you may be tempted to use baby sleep positioners to help keep your baby on his back, all you really need is a video monitor and to pay attention as your baby sleeps. This stark baby sleeping environment is your best bet for putting baby to sleep safely. If you're worried about your baby getting cold, outfit her in a baby sleep sack that is basically a closed nightgown. If you choose to have baby sleep with you, learn how to co-sleep safely so you both get a good night's rest.

Baby Sleep Techniques and Tips

There is no one universal magic technique that helps every baby sleep on every occasion. Someone you know might have a "sleeper" while you spend the first six months of your child's life wishing he could just sleep a few hours a night without waking you. Helping your baby sleep well starts with understanding baby sleep patterns and how they change as your baby grows. If that doesn't help, you can try out a few tricks to get your baby to fall asleep like relaxing her with a soft and gentle tissue face massage. Whether you're training your baby to sleep through the night or working on naptime, tips from the Sleep Lady, Kim West, that can make the process more successful.

Baby Sleep Concerns

Sometimes, despite your best efforts and exhaustive resources, babies still have trouble sleeping. If this is the case for you, it's time to look into common sleep concerns that might be keeping baby awake. Preemie sleep issues can include trouble nursing and even the inability to self-soothe. Other serious concerns for full-term babies could include issues like infant sleep apnea. Talk to your pediatrician about the options for solving baby sleep problems.

Give Baby a Good Rest

Baby sleep experts have learned from training, professional experience, and often personal experience how to help babies get the rest they need to grow and flourish. Use these tools and resources combined with what you know about your baby to give her restful naptimes and bedtimes.

Baby Sleep Advice