Baby and Siblings

How to Tell Your Kids You're Pregnant in Fun, Original Ways

How to Tell Your Kids You're Pregnant in Fun, Original Ways

Congrats! There's another baby on the way, and your family is growing by two tiny feet. Since you are about to add a baby to the bunch, you'll need to let your family and friends in on your little secret, and… Keep reading »
baby and sibling

The addition of a new baby might bring on sibling rivalry. If you have other children, they may experience a few mixed feelings as to the arrival. Obviously, everyone will give the new baby lots of attention, and even though the older child or children is just as loved, they may feel a little left out. How can you help your child adjust to the newest addition in your family? Check out all of the great articles on baby and siblings!

Family Relationships and Sibling Rivalry

Sibling relationships are complex at best. Strong emotions of love and hate will follow them throughout their childhood, and for some, even into adulthood. Before you can foster a good relationship between your children, you need to understand how their relationship works. Obviously, there will be problems between your children at times, but most of these will be minor. In fact, your children will work a lot of their difficulties out on their own. Still, there will be times when you'll need to intervene. Even though your infant is too young to understand that sibling rivalry might be in the making, your older child is certainly well aware of the changes in her household. Sibling rivalry is a fact of life, but for some parents the conflicts between siblings can be difficult to handle. LoveToKnow Baby offers tips and advice for dealing with these challenging situations.

Birth Announcements

Sometimes, involving your other children in the preparations for your new baby can help them adjust to the idea that life is changing in your home. A great way to involve your new baby's big brother and/or sister is to let him or her help you choose a birth announcement. There are many birth announcements that also list the names of other children in the family.

Gifts for and from Big Brothers and Sisters

Your newborn will receive lots of gifts before and after she is born. This is another instance in which your older child might begin to feel left out and even resentful of all the attention being lavished on his new little baby brother or sister. You can ease the tension by helping your child select his own gift to the baby, and find a few presents to give to your older child, too.

Preparing Siblings for the New Baby

When you find out that you are expecting a new baby, you may be tempted to tell your older child immediately. Hold that thought, however, at least if your child is preschool age or younger. Nine months is a long time to a child, and if there isn't any evidence of your pregnancy yet, it can also be a confusing time. For older children, obviously you'll want to tell them as soon as you begin telling others. They need to find out from you, not from someone else. What's the best way to tell your child about your pregnancy? How detailed should you be in your explanations? When should you tell him or her about the impending arrival of a new brother or sister? For answers to these questions, read the article on preparing siblings for the new baby.

Baby and Siblings