Understanding the Catholic Rite of Baptism

Understanding the Catholic Rite of Baptism

The rite of Catholic baptism, the first of the seven sacraments, is steeped in the history, traditions, and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church. It is intended to cleanse away original sin and symbolize rebirth… Keep reading »

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Baby in baptism gown with baptism book
A baptism is a joyous occasion.

A baptism provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your child's birth in front of your friends and family. At LoveToKnow Baby, we're here to help you plan this special celebration.

Find the Right Baptism Outfit

Typically, the first step in planning your baby's christening is to find a suitable outfit for him/her to wear. Traditional baptism gowns are white, flowing garments accented with lace, pearls, and ribbons that can be purchased from specialty shops or online retailers. If you know someone who can sew, having a handmade outfit created is an option to consider as well.

A Baptism Party

To invite guests to your child's christening, you'll want to send out formal invitations. Fortunately, there are invitations available to suit almost every taste. Invitations can be as formal or casual as you like. You can even find Spanish baptism invitations, free baptism invitations, and ideas for making your own handmade invitations.

Although it's not mandatory, many parents choose to have a small reception after their child's christening. A light lunch is often served, followed by a beautifully decorated baptism cake. Special favors, such as small candles or chocolates, may also be given to guests.

Special Occasion Gifts

Since a baby's baptism is such as momentous occasion, there are a number of commemorative keepsakes available. Picture frames, photo albums, shadow boxes, music boxes, crosses, and rosary sets are common christening gifts. Little girls may also receive a special bracelet or necklace in honor of the baptism. Some families also choose to use the baptism as a reason to start building a child's savings account, although monetary gifts should never be expected at any event.