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Article Highlight: Why Are Some People Against Breastfeeding in Public?

Although public breastfeeding is accepted in many places, there are still some people and companies that are against the practice. If you're a nursing mother or are in support of public breastfeeding, it helps… Keep reading »

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Breastfeeding takes time and patience, especially in those first few months after your baby is born. There may be times when you simply want to give it up. While there isn't anything wrong with giving baby formula, the breastfeeding basics will give you an overall view on the many aspects involved in nursing. Information on when to begin nursing, favorite positions, tips, and potential problems are just a click away!

Breastfeeding Diet

Nursing your baby means you'll lose all that baby fat in a hurry, right? Well, that isn't always so, and you may need a little help along the way. Of course, you'll need to eat a nutritious diet, and you'll certainly need more calories to sustain a healthy milk supply for your baby, but what types of foods should you eat, and how much? We can answer these and any other questions you might have regarding how you should eat while nursing your baby.

Working Mothers

With so many moms returning to work a few weeks or months after their babies are born, you might think that nursing is a thing of the past. Not so! Many working mothers successfully breastfeed their babies up to and past baby's first birthday, and you can, too. Be sure and check our tips for working moms who are nursing for the latest up-to-date info.

Nursing in Public

Do you think you are too nervous or embarrassed to breastfeed in public? It might interest you to know that many countries think nothing of a mother nursing her child in public areas. It seems that America could learn a thing or two from these other countries regarding the issues and values surrounding nursing. Even if you are a seasoned nursing mom, you might want to read the article Breastfeeding in Public for a little moral support.

Nursing and Birth Control

So you finally have the joy of your life, and you're thrilled! You're nursing, though, and you want to make sure that you and your husband can still have some quality time together. What do you do about birth control and hormones when you are nursing? These answers are all in nursing and birth control.

Dad's Role

Does your husband feel left out when you breastfeed your child? Does he think that he can't possibly bond with baby like you can because he isn't her main source of nutrition? If he does feel that way, there are lots of other ways for him to bond with your baby. Check out the article on nursing and Dad for some great ideas on how to address this issue!

Nursing Toddlers

While some people may not understand why you want to continue breastfeeding your toddler, you know what is best for your child. Some women even enjoy tandem breastfeeding, meaning they are not only nursing a toddler, but also an infant. It can be done!