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Free Babysitting Forms and Templates You Can Customize

Free Babysitting Forms and Templates You Can Customize

When entrusting another human being with the lives of your sweet babies, you need to ensure that they are prepared for anything, and babysitting forms can help you do that. These printable templates are a great… Keep reading »

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Many of us would love to be home with our children during the day, but often childcare is a necessity. Whether it's interview tips or more serious matters such as child abuse, this section will help to answer most of your questions concerning childcare.

Baby Sitter

Finding someone that you trust enough to care for your child is an extremely important decision. After all, if you can't be with your child all day, you want someone who loves her almost as much as you do. You want a baby sitter that is loving, attentive, responsible, and reliable. How do you find the perfect sitter? Talk to friends and relatives, and ask for recommendations from others you trust, such as your pediatrician. Spend time with your potential sitter before you leave him or her alone with your child. Open communication is very important! If you can't discuss your child with your sitter, look for someone else! Remember, you should be completely comfortable with the person who watches your child. If you have any reservations at all, look elsewhere! Read our article on babysitter tips for more great ideas!


Childcare has so many important issues, such as choosing a childcare center, childcare licensing, childcare information, and childcare costs. All of these topics will help you decide which childcare center is best for you and your child. Cost is an important factor, of course, but how about licensing? What type of licensing does your state require, and how closely are childcare centers monitored? Look around your area, and see what childcare options are available. Do you want to put your baby in a large but well-known center, or would you rather find a private, home-based center? Education is the key to choosing the best option for your child.


Do you know the difference between a daycare center and a preschool? Is there a difference? Typically, the answer is yes. A daycare center may take babies as young as six weeks and preschoolers as old as four. A preschool, however, typically takes toddlers up to age five, and it may be more of a learning centered facility. What is important to you? For more information on this and anything else about babies, be sure and read all the great articles at LoveToKnowBaby!

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