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Article Highlight: What to Know Before You Get Your Baby Into Modeling

So you happen to have the most beautiful baby in all the land. Lucky you! If you'd like to capitalize on your little one's good looks and charm, you may want to dive into the intriguing world of baby modeling.… Keep reading »

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Happy Baby

Most parents don't receive advanced training on all things baby before their little bundle of joy arrives. If you're caring for an infant or toddler and need fast information on everything from diapering to baby gear, let the experts help you without ever leaving home.

Infant and Toddler Development

Kids grow at a rapid pace, especially babies. As you carefully watch your child's every move, you might wonder if their physical, emotional, social, and mental development is on track for their age.

Baby Growth

Learning about basic milestones for every month during the first year of life from experts like Dr. Tanya can give you peace of mind or help you create a list of questions to ask your pediatrician.

Toddler Maturation

Common concerns during the toddler years such as teaching patience or dealing with separation anxiety seem less worrisome when you gain some expertise about general causes and learning strategies.

Feeding and Diapering

Tips from medical professionals and experienced nursing moms can help you have the most success with breastfeeding.

What goes in must come out, so don't forget to read up on the best ways to make diaper changes quick and painless for all parties involved.

Sleep and Rest

From naptime to bedtime, babies produce all kinds of questions related to rest.

  • Barbara Pantly, President of Better Beginnings, offers advice and strategies on dealing with common napping concerns like resisting sleep and waking up early.
  • If your little one is over 12-months-old you can read all about toddler sleep habits from AAP fellow Dr. Kevin Johnson.
  • The Sleep Lady shares her top 10 tips on everything from ways to set up the nursery to sleep techniques that can get baby a great night's sleep.

Baby Photography

Whether you want to take album-worthy photos of your baby or turn her into an infant supermodel, you'll find tips and information for getting started. Find out which outfits work best for photos, how to help baby pose, and which cameras work best.

Baby Products

Find out if the products you're using on baby are healthy from organic mommy expert Kimberly Rider including the definition of organic in terms of baby food. Let experts from Consumer Reports give you insider info on what gets a baby product labeled "best" and find out if big name brands like Munchkin are worth the hype.

Help For All Kinds of Caregivers

Whether you're an adoptive parent, traditional family, grandparent, caregiver, or an expectant dad, LoveToKnow provides great resources from experts in every field related to raising your baby.

Baby Expert Interviews