Gorgeous and Creative Celtic Baby Names

Susie McGee
Celtic baby names

Celtic baby names are steeped in history, location, nature, and even some mythology. For some parents, choosing a baby name is simply a matter of liking the way a name looks or sounds or whether it is unique or unusual. For others, however, choosing Celtic baby names is more about the meaning of that name and what that meaning holds for the child's future.

Although it is not comprehensive, LoveToKnow Baby has compiled a list of some of the most common Celtic baby names.

Celtic Baby Names A Through C

Aislinn- A Dream

Alan- Handsome

Allen- Fair/ Handsome

Allene- Attractive/ Peaceful

Amergin- Poet

Angus- Unique Strength

Aoife- Life

Ardara- Fort on the Hill

Arthur- Noble Strength. A bear.

Avalbane- White Orchard

Baird- Minstrel/ Poet

Bairn- Child/ Born

Banagher- Pointed Hill

Barry- Marksman

Bary- Marksman

Betha- Life

Bevan- Son of Evan

Bidelia- High One

Blair- Field or Plain

Bonnie- Pretty Girl

Bowen- Archer

Bowie- Yellow Haired

Boyd- Blonde

Brady- Broad Shouldered

Braeden- From the Dark Valley

Brandon- Little Raven

Brazil- Strife

Breanna- Strong/ Virtuous/ Honorable

Breckin- Freckled

Bree- Strong One

Breena- Fairy Land

Brendan- Little Raven

Brenna- Little Raven

Brennan- Raven-like

Brett- Briton/ British

Brian- Strong One

Briana- Fortitude and Strength

Bridget - Strong Brigid- Strong

Broderick- Brother

Brody- Brother

Brogan- Sturdy and Strong

Bruis- Mansion

Bryan- Strong One

Bryant- Strong/ Honorable

Brynn- Small Hill

Buzz- Village in the Woods

Cael- Victorious People

Caelan- Victorious People

Cailean- The Child

Cairbre- Strong Man

Caitir- Pure/ Unsullied

Caitlin- Virginal Beauty

Caitlyn- Pure Beauty

Calder- Stream

Caley- Brave Warrior

Calhoun- Warrior

Calum- Dove

Cam- Sweet Citrus

Camden- From the Valley

Cameron- Bent Nose

Camryn- Bent Nose

Caolan- Form of Helen

Carey- Pure

Cargan- Little Rock

Carlen- from Carlin-Champion

Carlin- Little champion

Carlow- Quadruple Lake

Carman Lord of the Castle

Carr- Marshland

Cary- Pure

Casey- Brave

Cassidy Clever

Ceana- God is Gracious

Cece- Blind

Cecelia- Blind

Cecily- Blind

Channon- Clergyman - Canon

Chay- Fairy Dwelling

Cheyne- God is Gracious.

Cian- Ancient

Ciara- Black and Mysterious

Cillian- War

Clyde- Warm

Cole- From the Name Nicholas

Colleen- Irish Girl

Colum- Dove

Conan- Wise

Conary- Wise Man

Conlan- Hero

Conley- Hero

Connor- Much Wanted/ Strong-willed

Corey- Hollow

Cormac- Charioteer

Cornel-l From the Name Cornelius

Cory- Hollow

Craig- From the Crag

Crevan- Fox

Cullen- Handsome

Curry- A Marsh or an Herb

Cuyler- Chapel/ Shelter

Baby Names D through F

Dallas- WiseDanny- From the name Daniel

Daray- Dark

Darby- Free Man

Darcy- Dark One

Darian- From the Name Darin

Darin- Precious Present

Davan- Femenine Form of David

Davina- Beloved

Declan- Irish Saint

Deidra- Wanderer

Deirdra- Sorrowful/ Wanderer

Delaine- Descendent of the Challenger

Delaney- Enemy's Child

Delano- Dark

Derby- From the Village of Danes

Dermot- Free Man

Derry- Red-Head

Desmond- One from S. Muenster

Devan- Writer of Poetry

Devlin- Brave; Fierce

Dierdra- Adaptation of Dierdre

Dillon- Faithful

Dolan- Dark Haired

Don- World Leader

Donagh- Brown Warrior

Donal- World Leader

Donelle- World Leader

Donnan- Brown

Donny- World Leader

Donovan- Dark Warrior

Dorsey- From the Name Dorset

Dougal- Dark Stranger

Douglas- Flowing from the Dark River

Doyle- Dark Foreigner

Druce- Druid/ Wise Man

Duane- Wagon Maker

Duer- Heroic

Dugan- Dark-Colored

Duncan- Dark Skinned Warrior

Dympna- Patron Saint of the Mentally Ill

Eamon- Wealthy Protector

Eara- From the East

Earlene- Pledge

Eavan Fair One

Edalene Noble/ King

Edan- Full of Fire

Edana- Tiny Flame

Eileen- Light

Eilis- Noble/ Kind

Eithne- Little Fire

Elvin- Friend of Elves

Ena- Bright and Shining

Ennis- Island

Enya- Little Fire

Eolande- Violet Flower

Erin- Ireland

Ewan- Young Warrior

Fallon- Of a Ruling Family

Farley- From the Bull Pasture

Farrell- Of Proven Courage

Fenella- Fair

Fennella- White Shoulder

Feoras- Smooth Rock

Fergal- Man of Strength

Ferguson- Son of Fergus

Ferris- Iron Worker

Fews- Woods

Fiachra- Irish Saint

Findlay- Blond-haired Soldier

Fineen- Fair Offspring

Finlay- Blond-haired Soldier

Finley- Fair Haired One

Finn- Fair

Finnea- Wood of the Ford

Finola- White Haired

Fiona- White/ Fair

Fionan- Fair

Fionnuala- Fair shoulders

Fitzwilliam- Son of William

Flan- From Flannery

Flann- Son of the Red-haired man

Flannery- Flat Land

Flynn- Heir to the Redheaded

Forbes- Prosperous

Foy- A Journey

Fynn- Form of Finn

Baby Names G Through J

Gale- A Stranger

Gallagher- Eager Helper

Galvin- Sparrow

Garran- Shrubery

Garret- To Watch

Garvey- Peace

Genevieve- White Wave

Genna- From the name Geneva

Gillespie- Servant of the Bishop

Gillian- Youthful

Glen- A Secluded/ Woody Valley

Glenda- Holy and Good

Glynis- A Narrow Valley

Glynn- A Clearing

Grady- Of High Rank

Grant- Great

Greer- Watchful/ Guardian

Guinivere- White Wave

Guthrie- War Serpent

Hadley- Heath Near the Wasteland

Hal- Chief

Hamish- He Who Removes

Hazel- The Hazel Tree

Heremon- Form of Irving

Herne- God of the Hunt

Hogan- Youth

Houston- Town of Houses

Iain- God is Gracious

Ian- God is Gracious

Ide- Thirst

Ion- God is Good

Isla- Island

Isleen- Form of Eileen

Jamie- From the Name James

Jean- God is Gracious

Jeanette- God is Gracious

Jeanine- God is Gracious

Baby Names K Through M

Kaelin- Rejoicer/ Waterfall Pool

Kaitlyn- Pure

Kaley- Form of Kelly

Kane- Honor/ Tribute

Kara- Sweet Melody

Karman- Lord of the Castle

Kassidy- Clever

Kate- Pure/ Virginal

Katelyn- Pure Beauty

Katen- Pure/ Virginal

Kathie- Pure/ Virginal

Kathleen- Pure/ Virginal

Kathryn- Pure/ Virginal

Katie- Pure/ Virginal

Keagan- Son of Eagan/ Fiery

Keaira- Little Dark One

Keefer- Handsome/ Beloved

Keelia- From the Name Keely

Keelin- Fair and Slender

Keelty- From the Woods

Keen- Brave

Keene- Wise/ Learned

Keeran- Little Dark One

Keir- Black

Keira- Black Haired

Keiran- Little and Dark

Keita- Forest

Keith- Warrior Descending

Keitha- Female Warrior

Kelby- Place by the Flowing Water

Kella- Warrior

Kellan- Powerful

Kelsea- Island of the Ships

Kelton- A Town of Celts

Kelvin- A River of Scotland

Ken- Handsome

Kenadie- Helmeted Chief

Kenna- Handsome

Kennedi- Helmeted Chief

Kenneth- Handsome

Kenzie- Light Skinned

Kera- Pure

Kermit- Free Man

Kern- Dark Haired Child

Kerr- A Marshland

Kevin- Handsome/ Beautiful

Kiara- Small/ Dark

Kiefer- Handsome/ Beloved

Kiley- Good Looking

Killian- Conflict

Kiora- Little and dark

Kira- Dark Lady

Kristen- Christ-bearer

Kyla- Lovely

Kylar- Chapel/ Shelter

Kyle- Narrow Land./ Handsome

Kylene- Little Piece of Land

Kylie- Narrow Land

Kyrene- Lord/ Ruler

Lachlan- From the Lake

Lakyle- Half Wood

Lana- Attractive/ peaceful

Lassie- Young Girl/ Maiden

Leane- Graceful Willow

Lesley- Grey Fortress

Leslie- Meadowlands

Liam- Determined Guardian

Logan- Small Cove

Loman- Bare

Mab- Happy

Mac- Son (of)

Mae- From the Name Mary

Maegan- Pearl

Maeryn- Bitter

Maeve- Goddess of Song

Maggie- Pearl

Mahon- Bear

Maili- Bitter

Mairi- Gaelic for Mary/ Sea of Bitterness

Maisie- Pearl

Makayla- Who is Like God

Makenna- From McKenna

Malise- Black/ Dark

Mallow- By the River Allo

Marjean- Coral/ Gracious

Marvene From the Name Marvin

Maura- Dark

Maureen- Dark

Mave- Happiness

Mckayla- Who is like God?

Meagan- Pearl

Meg- Pearl

Megan- Soft and Gentle

Melva- Armored

Meriel- Shining Sea

Merric- Ruler of the Sea

Merv- Loves the Sea

Mervin- Loves the sea

Miach- Medic

Michaela Feminine Form of Michaela

Minnie- Bitter

Moira- Bitter

Monahan- Religious Man

Monroe- Near the River Roe

Morag- Embracing the Sun

Morna- Affection/ Beloved

Morrigan- War Goddess

Murphy- Sea Warrior

Murron- Bitter

Myrna- Beloved

Baby Names N Through R

Naal- BirthNaveen- Beautiful/ Pleasant Neal- A Champion

Neely- Victor

Nelia- Champion

Nevina- Saint Worshipper

Newlyn- From the Spring

Nia- Champion

Niall- Champion

Nolen- Well Known- Highborn

Norah- Form of Nora

Noreen- Light

Nuala- White Haired

Owen- Born to Nobility

Ownah- Form of Una

Paddy- From the Name Patrick

Paisley- Fashion Tear Drop Print

Parkin- Young Peter

Parlan- From the Name Bartholomew

Patrick- Nobleman

Pegeen- From Margaret-a Pearl

Peggy- From the Name Margaret

Quillan- Cub

Quin- Quintuplet/ Fifth

Quinlan- Very Strong

Quinn- Fifth

Rafer- Wealthy

Rafferty- Wealthy

Raghnall- Wise and Powerful

Raisie- Diminiative of Rose

Reagan- Son of the Small Ruler

Renfrew- From the Still River

Rowena- Celtic: The White-haired One

Baby Names S Through Y

Sabrina- A Legendary Character.

Saraid- Excellent

Sayer- A Carpenter.

Seanna- God's Grace

Shayla- Fairy Palace

Shela- Musical

Shylah- Loyal to God, Strong

Tor- Celtic: A Rock.

Treva- Prudent

Tristan- The Noisy One.

Tristram- Sad.

Tully- Peaceful One Ula- A Jewel of the Sea.

Vanora- A Form of Guinevere.

Vortigern- A Great King.

Weylin - The Son of the Wolf.

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