List of 70 Christian Baby Names and Their Meanings

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Naming your baby after a beloved historical figure or place relevant to Christian teachings honors your child in a way many other names can't. If you're looking for a traditional or unique name with deep meaning, these Christian options are perfect.

Traditional Christian Names

Often popular because they harken to a Saint in the church, or come from a Biblical figure, these names are somewhat timeless. While they may never be the most popular baby name out there, you will find them consistently in every generation.


These ladies all had roles to play in the Bible story.

  • Abigail was the wife of King David in the Bible, Abigail was described as intelligent and beautiful. The name means father's joy.
  • Agnes is a Greek name which means pure or holy. It is popular, particularly in Catholic traditions, because it is also the name of a saint, Agnes of Rome.
  • Claudia is a Biblical name, however, she was not a major Bible character. She is only mentioned once in 1 Timothy 4:21.
  • Elizabeth is a traditional name that means, consecrated to God. In the Bible, Aaron's wife was also named Elizabeth as was John the Baptist's mother.
  • Esther has an entire book in the Bible named after her. The name probably means star, although its origin is debated.
  • Lydia simply means, from Lydia in the Greek. She was Paul's first convert to Christianity in Europe.
  • Martha is an Aramaic name meaning, lady. In the Bible, she was the sister of Lazarus and Mary and is a Saint in both the Roman Catholic Church as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church.
  • Mary means rebellion. Many women in the Bible were named Mary, including the mother of Jesus, making it a very popular Christian name for girls.
  • Priscilla was a female leader in the early church. The name means ancient, or venerable.
  • Ruth means companion or friend, which is fitting. Ruth is one of just a few women mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus.
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These boys names are old standards. You've probably heard them from your grandpa's generation, but they would not be out of place today.

  • Benjamin means son of my right hand. He was the son of Jacob in the Bible.
  • David means beloved. He was a major king in Israelite history, noted for being a man after Gods own heart.
  • James means supplanter, or one who undermines. James is also the name of one of the books in the New Testament.
  • Jason means healer. In addition to harkening back to God who is considered the healer for Christians, Jason is also mentioned in the Bible as someone who helped St. Paul on his missionary journey.
  • John, Jonathan means the Lord has given. Jonathan was the best friend of King David, and one of the Gospels was written by (another) John.
  • Joseph is a name that means may the Lord increase. The name is most notably the same name as Jesus' father.
  • Marcus, Mark means warlike. While that in and of itself doesn't suggest anything too Christian, Mark was also a writer of one of the four Gospels.
  • Matthew means gift from God, so it is a popular baby name from doting parents. Matthew wrote one of the four Gospels in the Bible.
  • Paul actually means small. However, the Biblical Paul was a giant in the New Testament, having penned several letters to the early church giving both wisdom and chronicling some of his missionary journeys.
  • Peter means a rock. In the New Testament, Peter was one of the first apostles ordained by Jesus. He wrote two letters to the early church.

Modern Christian Names

Whether it's a Biblical place or character, these names have all found their popularity within the last half-century. Not necessarily saints, and not as well known as some more traditional names, these names would be great for any modern newborn baby.


If you want to be on-trend but still give a nod to your Christian heritage, one of these cute names might be the way to go.

  • Bethany is the name of a town near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed the week before his crucifixion. It can be shorted as Beth.
  • Candace is Latin for the word white, pure, or sincere. It can also be shortened as Candi or spelled as Kandace.
  • Delilah was the mistress of Samson. Her name in Hebrew means delicate.
  • Eve was the first woman in the Bible. The name means life or living.
  • Hannah means full of mercy. In the Bible, she was the mother of the prophet Samuel.
  • Leah is a favored name in Christian circles. The name itself means weary, and in the Bible, Leah was the first of Jacob's wives.
  • Rachel was the wife Jacob actually wanted in the Bible. The name means, sheep.
  • Rebekah was the wife of Isaac in the Bible. The name means captivating, or knotted cord.
  • Selah was derived from a term commonly used in the book of Psalms. Roughly translated, it means to praise.
  • Tabitha means beauty or grace. It is from the Aramaic word gazelle. In the Book of Acts, Tabitha was noted for her good works.


Not unheard of and easy to pronounce, these boy names are perfect for any little lad whose parents want a relatively common, but still modern Christian name.

  • Aaron means the exalted one. Aaron is often considered a bold name because, in the Bible, Aaron was the spokesman for Moses.
  • Abel means breath. Abel was one of the sons of Adam and Eve and is known for his sacrifice which was pleasing to God.
  • Caleb is a compound Hebrew word meaning whole-hearted. Caleb was part of the twelve spies that Moses sent out to spy on the promised land.

  • Daniel means God is my judge. In the Bible, he was thrown into the lion's den.

  • Ethan is a Hebrew name meaning, firm, strong, and long-lived. The name isn't mentioned a lot in the Bible, but he wrote Psalm 89.

  • Lucias means luminous or white. Beyond the Christian symbolism of white and purity, Lucius is mentioned as being part of the early church.

  • Nathan is a sweet name for a baby boy. It means gift from God. In the Bible, Nathan was a prophet.

  • Seth was the third son of the first couple, Adam and Eve. His name means anointed, or compensation.

  • Simeon, Simon means god is listening. He was the first to recognize Jesus as the son of God, by speaking over Mary while she was still pregnant.

  • Titus means pleasing. He was an early church leader and even penned a couple books in the Bible.

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Unique Christian Names

If youre looking for something that you don't hear every day, the Bible is full of uncommon, yet beautiful names.


Christian role models, Hebrew words and more make up this list of great girls' names.

  • Adah was the first female after Eve in the Bible. The name means
  • Charis is the Greek word for grace. It is used in the New Testament 156 times.
  • Eden was the location of the garden where the first man and woman lived, according to the Bible. It means delight.
  • Mara is derived from the Hebrew word for bitter. In the Bible, Ruth claimed the name after her husband and sons died.
  • Moriah may mean seen by God. In the Bible, it is the name of a mountain.
  • Oprah means fawn. She is mentioned in the book of Ruth.
  • Phoebe is mentioned by Paul in the New Testament as one of the ministers of the church. The name is Greek and means, bright and shining.
  • Razili, pronounced rah - zee - lee, means the Lords secret.
  • Sapphira means sapphire. The name is mentioned in the New Testament in the book of Acts.
  • Tamar means date or date palm. There were a few Biblical women named Tamar, however, one is mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus.
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Definitely off the beaten path, these boys names may well fit your baby.

  • Asher means happy or blessed and is a great choice for an easy going baby. In the Bible, Asher was a son of Jacob.
  • Darius means he that informs himself. It's a very regal name, having belonged to a king in Daniel's time.
  • Ezra is synonymous with helper. It is also a book in the Bible, as Ezra was one of the minor prophets.
  • Hazael was an ancient King in the Bible. The name means, to see, or god has seen.
  • Ira means one who is watchful. Not ironically, he was one of Davids great watchmen.
  • Linus is perfect for a blonde little boy, as the name means flaxen haired. You may be tempted to think of the Charlie Brown character, Linus was a companion of Paul's.
  • Hoshea, pronounced ho-shay-uh, means salvation. It was Joshua's first name, and refers to his great faith.
  • Samson means sun child or bright sun. He was a strongman in the Bible and known for being seduced by Deliliah.
  • Silas means forest or woods. Silas was a companion of Paul's and would make a great name for a baby with steadfast character.
  • Zared means strange descent. If youre looking for a Christian name that's not necessarily a prominent Bible figure - this is the one. Hes mentioned once in the Book of Numbers.

Gender Neutral Christian Names

  • Anah is the perfect name for a child that you've been waiting for. Meaning, answer, the name works for both boys and girls, although sometimes the female version is spelled Annah. The name is mentioned a few times in the Old Testament.
  • Angel is a popular name for boys (particularly in Spanish speaking households), as well as girls. The word angel means messenger of God.
  • Abija is a Biblical Hebrew name that can be used for boys or girls. It means, my father is Yah, which is short for Yahweh - the Hebrew name for the Biblical God.
  • Elisha, pronounced ee-li-sha for a boy's name, and eh-lee-sha for a girl, means god is salvation. It's a great name if youre not looking for something completely unheard of.
  • Gomer is used as both a female and male name. It means complete and is most notably the son of Noah. However, Gomer was also the name of the wife of Hosea.
  • Rei means my shepherd, companion and friend. In Hebrew, it can be used for both boys and girls, but in other countries, such as Japan, it is primarily given to girls. The shepherd is a Christian symbol for God the Father, as the Bible makes use of many metaphors of a shepherd and his sheep.
  • Levi, meaning joined in harmony, was a tribe of Israel. In the Bible, the name is primarily used for males, however, in modern culture, this strong name works for both females and males.
  • Mahlah is a name in the Old Testament of the Bible, meaning weak or sick. Many parents choose it because they like the sound of the name. It can also be spelled as Mahalah.
  • Shiloh means peace or abundant joy, which is fitting for a baby. In modern culture, it works for both little boys and girls. It is a place in the Bible, but many Christians claim this name as a reference to Jesus.
  • Zion means monument or raised up. In the Christian world, it is a reference to heaven.
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Give the Gift of Christ

Giving your baby a Christian name is like celebrating the life and teachings of Jesus Christ each day. The birth of a baby is special and so is making sure your little ones name fits him or her in a meaningful way.

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