Unique Christmas Gifts for Newborn Twins

Matching snowman Christmas gifts for twins
Double the gifts-double the fun!

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering about what Christmas gifts for newborn twins to give special loved ones! With twins, you get to have double the fun shopping.

Newborn Twin Christmas Gifts

When shopping for twins, you can have a good time buying matching clothes, blankets, and toys. Keep in mind that they will be sharing some things, but not everything.

Seeing Double

New parents love to dress their newborn twins the same. Have fun picking out an outfit that mom and dad will find perfect for picture taking. If you have a boy and girl, many outfits can be found in color choices of pink and blue. Since it's Christmas, feel free to buy green and red. You don't have to buy for Christmas. Any winter or spring outfit will be greatly appreciated.

Personalized Gifts

Gifts that are keepsakes make fun Christmas gifts for both newborn twins and their parents. Personalized items are kept forever. Even though baby may not enjoy it right now, it is something he or she will still have when he grows up.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stone kits can be purchased at most any craft store. These kits allow the parents to imprint baby's hands or feet in a cast and write the date. Mom and dad can decorate it with birthstones or other important little charms to help them remember the twins at this stage in their life. Purchase two kits, one for each twin, so they will each have their own stepping stone when they are adults.


For a keepsake newborn twins can use now, embroidered baby blankets with their name and birthdate may be just what they need. Consider different colors or patterns so they can tell their gifts apart. Find a blanket that is soft to the touch and will hold up through many washings.

Another fun personalized gift is a stuffed animal with baby's initials embroidered on the foot. Again, pick two different animals that are similar, but can be told apart. Both gifts can be found online.

Christmas Ornaments

Since we are talking about Christmas gifts, personalized ornaments that will remind the twins of their very first Christmas is a perfect gift. You can find something that fits their nursery theme, or ornaments where mom and dad can attach a photo of the twins next to the tree.

For an added bonus, find personalized Santa hats to hide the gifts in.

Start a Library

Every child needs a library full of books to open his or her imagination. Research proves that the love of reading begins as a baby. Help mom and dad encourage this gift with a library of stories and nursery rhymes that will introduce them to the world of literacy.

Baby Books

There are many great books designed for babies. Newborns love black and white pictures and mirrors. Look for books that provide simple details and thick durable pages. Ask how the book will hold up when a child chews on it. Avoid books that will separate if chewed on and become choking hazards.

Touchy, feely books, like Usborne's Snuggletime Series or cloth books provide different textures and learning experiences. The books should be small enough for baby to hold.

Fairy Tales

Every child should be familiar with fairy tales. Now is the perfect time to begin reading them. You can find treasuries that are full of your favorites like "Three Little Pigs" and "Cinderella". Don't forget a treasury of nursery rhymes.

Books to Grow On

Though they are just babies now, they will grow up fast. If you are creating a library, include classics of all reading levels like The Secret Garden. Black Beauty, Heidi, or Winnie the Pooh. Don't forget your favorite Golden Books.

Simple informational books are another great gift. Before long, the twins will be asking a lot of why questions. Having a resource at mom and dad's fingertips will be an asset.

Educational Toys

Of course the best Christmas gifts for newborn twins, according to the twins, are educational toys! Look for toys that are durable with no choking hazards. Cloth and durable toys work best for this age. Look for safe toys that are thoroughly tested before being sold.

Though electronic toys look neat, they are often not the best gifts for babies. Look for toys that will allow them to explore using all their senses, including taste. Babies need to learn through doing, so avoid toys that stimulate without teaching.

Have fun shopping for your Christmas gifts for newborn twins.

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Unique Christmas Gifts for Newborn Twins