Diaper Cake Pictures to Inspire You

It's a Boy!


A nice thing about a diaper cake is that it's an impressive centerpiece for the baby shower, but it's also loaded with useful things. Any mom of a newborn can use tons of small diapers, but in addition, diaper cakes generally have other small toiletries and items to help make the cake really stand out. Of course, the stack of diapers that make up the cake are at the top of the list of functional gifts for a baby, but topping the cake with a pair of real booties makes a great second gift.

If you're making one from scratch, top your creation with booties, a pacifier or anything else you can think of to make it really stand out.

Undecorated Diaper Cake Picture

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If you're uncertain of how to stack a diaper cake, this three-tier undecorated cake is the perfect option. Take this base, open up your crafts closet, and go wild!

Wrap a wide strand of ribbon around the center of each tier, add a small, stuffed animal to the top, tie on some other baby items, such as shampoo or baby powder and add some big bows.

If you want to stack the diapers to save a bit of money, simply follow the pattern in this picture, stacking the diapers with the fold on top. Start with a larger circle on the bottom and increasingly smaller circles of diapers as you move up the tier. Secure with a simple ribbon around the center of each layer.

Whether you decorate it with toys and clothes or ribbons and flowers, the result will be an individualized gift.

Double Trouble

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This diaper cake for twins is full of practical gifts, from small toys to eating utensils. This is just one of several specialized diaper cakes that can be bought from baby shower specialty shops or online (click on the picture to view the item online.)

If you'd like to make a twins cake, gather diapers and two of each item you'd like to include, such as bibs, eating utensils, teething rings, bottles and pacifiers. Stack the diapers, tuck the bottles into the top tier, tie the bibs to the outside of the diapers and tuck other items around the outside.

Favorite Characters

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If the expectant mother has a favorite character, you can find a suitable diaper cake that fits into the theme she may be using in her other decorating. This diaper cake features toy blocks, plush toys, and ribbon to match the overall theme. You can easily duplicate that with any character you'd like by swapping out the plush animal and adding ribbon that matches that character.

Ribbon Mania


With some inexpensive ribbon, you can create a simple, but gorgeous diaper cake. Get together with some friends or family, and make a diaper cake together as a fun pre-shower activity. If you know the gender of the child, you can easily customize the cake with blue or pink ribbons. If the expectant mother doesn't know or isn't sharing the child's sex, then use yellow or green ribbon.

Essentials and Fun


Create this cute baby shower gift by starting with a stack of diapers. You can create as many tiers as your budget allows. On the outside of each tier, add bottles of baby essentials a new parent will need, such as shampoo bottles or baby lotion. For the top of the cake, add a small, baby-safe stuffed toy. You can secure the items with a ribbon around each tier.



When it comes to finishing off a diaper cake, the topper can make the difference between a so-so presentation and a phenomenol gift that people will talk about for years to come. Your decision is whether to go with what is practical or whimsical. For example, a bottle as the topper is practical, while a fairy princess figurine is whimsical. You can create a touch of whimsy and practicality at the same time by adding a bottle and then finishing with a beautiful piece of ribbon tied into a bow as in the picture here.

Simple One-Tier Diaper Cake


If you've been invited to several baby showers in the span of a few weeks, you may have a limited budget that doesn't allow you to build four-tier diaper cakes with all the trimmings. This simple, one-tier cake is an affordable solution and is easy to create. Simply stack the diapers on their sides, creating a circle. Secure with a wide piece of ribbon in the color of your choice. Top with booties and a cap. You could also top with towels and a washcloth, swaddling blankets or another item of your choice.

Simple Cloth Diaper Cake


Does the mom-to-be prefer the gift of cloth diapers? This super simple cloth diaper cake is a nice way to present an otherwise plain gift. Roll each diaper into a small log, and stack vertically. Place 10 to 12 diapers in the bottom layer, five to six diapers in the middle layer and three on the top layer. Secure each layer with pretty ribbon in the color of your choice. If you need to move the diaper cake, you may want to tie a ribbon across the layers to hold them together or use a bit of clear fishing line.

Picture Perfect


With a little creativity, your homemade diaper cake can come out picture-perfect, like this pretty pink one. The decorations scream princess with bold pink ribbons and a pretty butterfly tucked into the top of the cake. By swapping out the butterfly for different toppers, you can create almost any theme you'd like, such as flowers, feathers, cars or even tractors. If you need some help getting started, consider the most popular baby nursery themes.

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Diaper Cake Pictures to Inspire You