Options for Baby Trend Double Jogging Strollers

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If you are the parent of twins or two small children and you love to exercise, then a double jogging stroller could be your new best friend. Jog with ease with a stroller built for two and running, instead of struggling with a design that's made for two kids but casual strolling.

Navigator Lite

Navigator Lite
Navigator Lite

Overall, this is a good design for a family that has at least one infant and wants something versatile enough to use on runs and in everyday life. Parents with older children can benefit from this one too, but they won't need the ability to use infant seats with their stroller, so they can go with a less expensive option. This one costs about $250.00.

Size and Weight

The Navigator Lite model is lightweight and easy to fold, so if you're wrangling two toddlers, you won't need to add much of a stroller struggle to your list of things to keep up with at any given moment. This model's dimensions are 32.5"W x 46"L x 42"H and it weighs 31.5 pounds.


The front pneumatic bicycle tire can swivel or lock and offers remote release. Let it swivel when you're using the stroller around town or just out for a walk with lots of turns. When you're running, however, you'll want to lock the wheel in place for safety (a swiveling wheel that hits a large rock could turn and cause an accident).

Extra Features

Each seat has a five-point safety harness to keep little ones safe while you hit the mall or the trail. Sleepy kids? You can still enjoy your run while they nap by letting them lie back on the seats that recline in more than one position. The dual shades will keep the sun out of their eyes and help protect them from sunburns if you're out in the middle of the day. If you're using the car seats with the strollers, the shades meet up to keep the sun and rain off of your little ones.

The parent tray holds two drinks. If you already have drinks for the kids in diaper bags below, you can keep a water and a coffee for yourself and still steer the stroller with both hands. There's also room in the covered storage tray for keys and a phone, plus a large amount of storage on the bottom, perfect for storing diaper bags, shopping bags, or toys whether you're out for a run or going to the mall.

Baby Trend infant seats work with this model and you can put two side-by-side if you need to.


It's available in black/gray (Europa) and black/green (Lincoln).


This one costs a little less than the Navigator Lite. Expect to pay just under $250.00.

Weight and Dimensions

The Navigator weighs quite a bit more at 43 pounds, but its dimensions are 32.5"W x 46"L x 43"H (so not a lot bigger). Some extra weight comes from an additional front tire.


These tires also lock and swivel just like the Lite version, but may be more difficult to steer during runs on winding paths. However, the extra stability that comes from the extra tire is nice in day-to-day activities, so depending on how often and where you run, this could be a better fit for your family.

Extra Features

The Navigator adds child trays and supports two Baby Trend infant seats just like the Lite version, so this one is perfect for the family with two babies or a baby and a toddler or preschooler. If you have two toddlers, you can still use this one, of course, but you won't be able to take advantage of the travel system setup since you're past the infant seat stage. In that case, a different model may be better.

Whether you're using the stroller for daily exercise or just doing errands, sometimes the presence of the child tray helps because you can put snacks or toys there and keep the kids quiet. This is the only model with an actual child tray rather than a belly bar or nothing at all.

Other than that and the additional front tire, tech additions make it stand out compared to the Lite version and some other models: MP3 speakers in the parent tray that work with most MP3 players. If you can't jog without your music or certain tunes soothe your kids, this upgrade alone may make this superior to the Lite model even with the extra weight.


Color options include Tropic (bright blue), Baltic (burgundy), and Vanguard (gray with orange trim).

Expedition EX

Expect to pay just under $200.00 for this option. If you're adventurous and like to venture out onto all types of terrain, this may be the one for you.

Size and Weight

The dimensions for the Expedition EX are 31.5"W x 46"L x 42"H and it weighs 32.5 pounds, so it's only slightly heavier than the Navigator Lite and smaller and lighter than the Navigator model. The Expedition EX has the same age, weight, and height requirements as the Navigator and Navigator Lite.

Wheels and Extra Features

It has the same pneumatic bicycle tires, with one locking swivel wheel in front (all-terrain). It also has composite wheels, which are still strong but lighter than metal alternatives. The fact that it has all-terrain tires may make this the winner for families who like to go off the paved paths and hit the trails, as long as you don't need your stroller to accept the infant seats. If you need to take the rear wheels off so the stroller can fit into a small trunk, they quickly release so the stroller becomes easier to store and move around when not in use.

This model has one large canopy instead of two, this time with a window through the top so you can keep an eye on your babies as you go. The parent tray on this one features two cup holders, a covered storage space, and MP3 speakers that work with not only most MP3 players but iPhones and iPods as well. The music option could be a huge plus on long walks or jogs.

It also has the multi-position reclining seats, five-point safety harness, and large storage space underneath. There is no child tray, unfortunately, but you can always keep snacks and toys in the storage unit.


Color options include Wasabi (bright yellowish-green) and Frost (pale gray).


The Expedition costs just over $200.00 and works best for families whose children aren't using infant seats.

Size and Weight


The Expedition model weighs 32.5 pounds and its dimensions are 31.5"W x 46"L x 42"H, so there's not a size or weight difference between this one and the EX model. The ratcheting canopy is all in one piece and has a window so you can take a peek at your kids from time to time as you run. This one has the five-point harness, large storage area, multi-position reclining seat, and pneumatic bike tires with a locking front swivel wheel. The parent tray holds two cups and MP3 speakers that work with most iPhones and iPods, which is one of the biggest perks of this model.


The swiveling wheel is great when you're walking on a path that curves or you're going at a more leisurely pace anywhere at all, but for safety's sake, you'll need to lock it into place on runs. If you're trying to improve your speed on a relatively straight path, the locking wheel will even help you go faster. This model also has the quick-release wheels that let you store it in small areas. Lying the wheels flat on top of the folded stroller saves space.


No child tray is included and this model doesn't accept the infant seats, so this is better for parents with children that have outgrown the infant travel systems. It's worth noting that the handful of reviewers on the Baby Trend site don't seem to find this easy to fold up, however, so try to test it out before making a purchase if possible. Keeping two toddlers safe and happy in a parking lot while you struggle to fold up a difficult-to-manage stroller can be quite a feat.


Color options include Centennial (red and black), Concord (red, black, and gray), Carbon (gray and bright yellowish-green), Millennium (black and gray with red trim), Elixer (gray and plum), and Green Tea (black and silver with green trim).

What All Models Offer

The Baby Trend double jogging strollers all have a lot in common. Any model will give you:

  • Sun shades (one large or two small)
  • Large storage area
  • Pneumatic bicycle tires that absorb shock for a smooth ride
  • Fun color choices, which aren't the same across models
  • Five-point harnesses
  • Reclining seats
  • Foldable, lightweight designs
  • Parent tray with two cup holders
  • Capability of handling children up to 50 pounds (each child) and 42 inches tall
  • A weight of about 31.5 to 32.5 pounds to unload and load out of and into the car
  • Quick and easy folding

What to Consider

When you're shopping for the perfect double jogging stroller, make a list of things you need and the things that would be nice. For this, you'll need to take the ages of your children into account. Will you need the stroller for several years? Are your children far enough apart in age that you might only need the stroller for a couple of years? How important is it that your stroller be exceptionally lightweight? What type of storage and technology would you prefer? Where do you jog and how fast do you go? Once you've got your checklist in hand, see which features match your needs the best.

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