A Party Planner Shares Her Fun Baby Shower Favor Creations

Party planner Kim Wilson Byers
Party planner Kim Wilson Byers

Kim Wilson Byers, owner of The Celebration Shoppe, shared her ideas for easy to make yourself baby shower favors with LoveToKnow Baby, along with some additional tips to help any baby shower planner. To explain how she became involved with party planning, Kim says, "Raised in the south by a mom who loved to entertain, I believe I was simply destined. After over ten years as a marketing Vice President for one of the country's largest banks, I finally followed my dream to make my passion my career. The Celebration Shoppe is not only a custom invitation and décor shoppe, it is a resource for entertaining, baking and craft ideas to help moms and girlfriends, and the occasional dad, plan and celebrate special events with the perfect party."

Creating Easy to Make Yourself Baby Shower Favors

LoveToKnow Baby: What are your favorite baby shower favor ideas?

Kim Wilson Byers: I simply love the idea of using the elements of spring to celebrate welcoming new life into this world.

  • Cake and cupcakes - Baby bird nest cupcake tier topped with mini bird house
  • Flowers - Tulips or hydrangeas
  • Green favor - A small blooming flower or bulb in a mini terracotta pot. These can easily be personalized with chalk or a permanent marker, if you have good handwriting, or you can simply insert a note nearby that states "take one".
  • Edible favor - Candy cone favor tray filled with chocolate

LTK: Why should people take time out of their busy lives to make favors when you can just buy them at a store? What are your reasons for choosing easy to make yourself baby shower favors?

KWB: There are a few reasons why I'm a fan of making favors:

  • First, there's the "special" factor. Your mom-to-be will be thrilled that you cared enough to take the time. This said, if you have no crafting skills, don't make her the guinea pig.
  • Second, it is often difficult to find favors that match your décor.
  • Finally, simple economics. It's cheaper to pull together a beautiful favor than it is to buy one. Plus, unless the favor can be consumed or used (e.g., spa items), it will likely wind up in a drawer or the trash.

LTK: Is there anything planners should keep in mind when selecting a favor to give out at a party?

KWB: My biggest recommendation goes along with my final point in the previous question. If the favor can't be consumed or used, it is likely to be disposed of. Let's face it; we don't typically display mini peapods or storks around our home.

LTK: What are the best materials for making your own favors?

KWB: There are a number of beautiful craft papers available these days, and most are eco-friendly. I'm also a huge fan of ribbon and die-cutting machines. And for those who have ever watched my "how to" videos or read my craft ideas, you know my glue gun is my favorite tool for ensuring everything stays in its place!

LTK: Have you noticed any trends in party themes and favors?

KWB: The three biggest trends I've seen emerge in the past few years in baby showers are the spa theme, the personalization or monogram theme and the couples theme. However, peapod and baby bump continue to be favorites.

Baby Shower Planning Tips

LTK: Do you have any additional thoughts on planning a baby shower?

KWB: This life is so rush, rush, rush, and for those of us with children we know the anxiety and excitement of having that first child. We want everything to be perfect, planned and special. And candidly, that is a smart way to think because as soon as the little bundle is here, every day is special, but planned is difficult and perfect is much less likely.

The baby shower, depending on your friend's personality, can be as formal or as informal as you like, but either way the goal is to make her feel special while also entertaining all of your other guests. A few tips:

  • Day and time - This world leaves most of us with packed schedules and therefore treasuring our weekends. Consider a weeknight baby shower; many of us think of Thursday evening as a precursor to the weekend.
  • Games and activities - Don't torture your guests. Some people enjoy the games, but more often than not they cringe at the thought. The only one I've seen that everyone truly seemed to enjoy was the "Who's that baby?" game where shower guests try to identify baby photos of guests.

If you'd like to see examples of Kim's ideas, check out her Etsy shop or watch her bi-weekly on NBC's Daytime Columbus in the greater Columbus, Ohio area as she shares her party planning secrets and demonstrates fun crafting and baking ideas.

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A Party Planner Shares Her Fun Baby Shower Favor Creations